The Unfinished Business

It's the weekend, let's have some fun. Do you see the little bug? I didn't see it until after the upload. These creatures are so good at hiding. The shrub of flowers was found on the beach at New Brighton, and this post is part of my camping journey.

New Brighton Beach has been a dream campsite. I literally meant that. Every year I would try to make a reservation and it would be completely booked. This year, I was lucky to find #75 available, not to mention it is a premium site with a premium price. We were excited to get the kids out, and couldn't believe things had worked out so well, MattLove had the week off from school due to budget cuts, I was ready to show Trinity the camping life and SO was all for it.

It seemed as though I had to wait 11 years for SO to settle our unfinished business, but it was more like waiting 11 years for a camping spot to become available. Now for the moment some readers are waiting for, The Unfinished Business is the finale for why I jumped on top of the picnic table in Is Dating Like a Cattle Field. The incident was the evening's highlight, everyone around the campfire was excited to see me in KungFu action. I had seconds to try and stop SO from carrying out his threat of eating my portion of the shrimps if I didn’t get there in time.

It was all fun and game until we realized he indeed ate the last of my grilled shrimps. Yes, and I had brought it too. Now you know this is a huge deal in my world, since I love seafood. And given that I haven't had dinner, I was furious. SO couldn't be more sorry, and promised that if we ever go back to New Brighton Beach that he would personally grill prawns for me like that night at the campfire to make up or to finish the unfinished business.

Just for the record, my SO is a gentleman and one of the most generous people I know. You couldn't catch him behaving naughty like that ever. Like his auntie said: "He is a very unique nephew & I love him for it... The mold was thrown away when he became the man he is." I teased him about being the mold that was thrown away, but since he doesn't read my blog, I can write freely. Wink. By Chance We Met talked about how we finally met face to face at campfire.

If I could trade in my 13 Men Wishes for one wish. It would be for god to make more men like him. Instead of seeing broken hearts, and turbulence relationships, I will see more happiness and harmony, and women being more appreciated. There won't be Open Positions for Wives.

This is just his love angle, BTW. SO has great grilling skills as well, especially with shrimp, so we had the most wonderful dinner-out on the beach the first evening of camping. Now if he can only find diets that work for both of us, we would be in great shape too.

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  1. A fun post about your camping trip! And love the beach flowers are so very delicate and pretty!

  2. I love the very pale subtle shade of pink/purple on these flowers... so pretty!

  3. I'm sure it was a great adventure and a beautiful holiday.
    That must be an amazing camping spot if it was worth to wait 11 years, but for dreams to come true, no time is too long.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers on Macro Flower Saturday!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. That's a beautiful flower cluster, and your love story unfolds! I'm glad he did what he promised to do..Not too many men would carry out their promises!

  5. Sweet flowers and growing out of a rock too! :O)

  6. Well that sounded like a wonderful journey. That tiny bug is a little cutie for being a bug :D Gorgeous flowers, as always.

  7. It's great to see suprises after uploading photos
    have a lovely weekend:)

  8. I love the soft colours of that little beach plant!

  9. Sounds like a fun camping trip and one you have waited for a long time.The flowers are sweet.

  10. i totally enjoyed reading a glimpse to your love story, i find it fun and cute, 11 years later, it never is late.

  11. I was trying to spot the bug.. LOL..
    I love about this post, since camping was something very 'dreamy' to me.. :) And it led me to one of your past post.. :)

  12. Very sweet post. I am so jealous - just kidding. I am happy for you.

  13. I see the little fellow. Lovely captures of these beach flowers.

  14. Oh, such beautiful pale purple! Very pretty.

    Erika B

  15. How fun!! And yes, I do see the little bug...could it be any more at home?!
    So love your blog and following along!

  16. These little lavender flowers are so lovely.
    Thanks for all the comments on my blogs.

  17. it's getting cold here now and the ground is starting to freeze... I am still amazed that there are still some beautiful flowers thriving and growing beautifully like this one.

  18. Well, Amanda, it seems like you and your husband are both very lucky to have each other. It doesn't always work out that way in a marriage, sad to say. You guys must really cherish each other and appreciate what each of you brings into your special relationship! I am so happy for the two of your - and your children who are the direct recipients of the love you share.


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