How to Propagate Lady Bank Rose Yellow

Lady Bank Rose Yellow
This flowering Lady Bank Rose wall/ fence weeping shrub towers over our fence and into our backyard. Every year she graced us with her beauty and presence. She belongs to our neighbors, but I believe we got the best of her, which are the gorgeous blooms. She only grows tall enough to hang over the first ledger that she can attach herself to, which is the common fence my neighbors and I share.

We see the blooms, while our neighbors see the vines and stalks. I almost feel guilty every spring that we get the better view than her owner.
These photos were taken recently, but here is the link to the same Lady Bank Rose shrub in 2010.
Lady Bank Rose Yellow

Lady Bank Rose Yellow

How to Propagate Lady Bank Rose

  • Prepare a 4 or 6-inch pot with a mixture of equal parts peat moss, perlite and potting soil. Pour water into the pot until the mixture is wet and water begins to trickle from the drainage holes at the bottom. Set the pot in a shaded location to drain while gathering a Lady Banks rose cutting.
  • Pick out a 4- to 6-inch-long cutting from the tip of a vigorous cane. Choose a softwood cutting with plenty of bright green leaves at the tip and a pliant, 1/8-inch-thick stem with no hardened bark at the base.
  • Sever the cutting with sharp, freshly cleaned pruning shears approximately 1/4 inch below a set of leaves. Make the cut at a slight angle to expose the inner flesh. Pull off the two lowest sets of leaves.
  • Dab the severed end of the Lady Banks cutting with rooting talc. Tap it to remove the excess powder.
  • Pot the rose cutting in the prepared rooting container. Press it into the soil mixture until its lowest remaining set of leaves rests lightly on the surface. Press the soil mixture against the stem.
  • Set the potted Lady Banks rose cutting in a warm, bright location out of direct sunlight, such as on an east-facing window ledge or outdoors under high, light shade. Prop a 2-gallon plastic bag over the top of the potted cutting to hold in moisture and warmth.
  • Add water to the growing mixture whenever it dries out 1/2 inch below the surface. Drizzle the water onto the soil without getting any on the foliage, because excess moisture on the leaves opens the cutting to fungal infections. 
  • Watch for renewed growth approximately two weeks after potting the cutting. Remove the plastic bag when the cutting puts down roots and the foliage appear plump and hydrated.
  • Grow the rooted Lady Banks rose under light or partial shade for the first month, and then gradually acclimate it to direct sunlight. Transplant it into a permanent bed in late summer, or grow it in a cold frame until the following spring.

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  1. Gorgeous, and with such interesting information too. Thanks so much and I wish you a great week :)

  2. Those flowers are stunning! I just love how they cascade over the fence!

  3. WoW! Stunning display. LOVE roses.
    You are, indeed, the fortunate one!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  4. Now that is one pretty flower. Thank you for sharing.

  5. oh wow, that is so heavenly looking, you have walls of roses.

  6. These are beautiful! I wouldn't mind having them in my backyard at all.


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