Summer Tutoring On the Go

Believe it or not the summer vacation is almost over for MattLove, he starts school this Monday. Our summer flew by this year, but then what year hasn't our summer flown by? We are now back tackling schedule changes and classroom requirements. He had his freshmen orientation last week for high school. It was a whole day event and a wake-up call to what is expected in Freshmen year.

For some kids Math problems can be overwhelming. When they get stuck on a problem, they can become distracted, thus wasting a lot of study time. If you see signs of lag time during the homework hours, offer your children Math help. It is important that they enjoy doing math and understand the concept, because there will be many more Math classes in the horizon.

Online tutoring is a great way to keep pace if your children have other interests and don’t want to sit there chewing on his or her pencil eraser. This summer, we enjoyed the freedom of a flexible schedule. MattLove went on vacation with us, hangout doing what he loves and was still able to pursuit some Algebra help while on the road. He has his laptop and with access to the internet, he can put in a good hour or so while still making time to enjoy all other activities.
I am for preventing instead of correcting, so a little more nudge isn’t going to hurt, it is better than having to play catch-up.

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  1. Wow..school starts for Matt already? We have another 2-3 weeks to go..Tell Matt good luck with Freshman year..

  2. Math is not my strong subject, and to know where to get help is invaluable..

    Good luck to MattLove in freshman year!

  3. @Icy BC Yes, it is so early this year! I felt like we are cheated of our summer. Nice that you guys still have a few more weeks, enjoy them.

  4. Learning is always fun if taken in the right spirit. And, math is a very interesting and important subject to learn. I think children should take it seriously from the very beginning. And, parents should take important part to encourage them. Children can ask parents or school teachers to help . Otherwise, they can take advantage of any online tutoring services like tutorteddy.com. My daughter uses it and has improved her grades.


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