Fresh Green Colorful Eggs from the Farm - Thursday Two Questions #173

Do you know what must be the most hilarious sight? The sight of a city girl visiting a farm. And that would be no other stranger than your famous SelfSagacity CEO here...
Our recent visit to Michigan opened my eyes to a wide varieties of colorful eggs. Yes, I have never seen green eggs until then. Well, I didn't know there were more than two different egg colors other than the browns and whites. I had never seen them on the internet even. The egg color that I was really taken with was the green eggs. They were so perfect and pretty. So pretty that it made me feel bad cracking the shells.

But I had to to see how the inside looked. I wanted to see if the yolk is any different.

And the answer is...yes. The yolk is a darker yellow. 

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #172
1) What other colors do you know of eggs?
2) Have you seen the green eggs before?

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Message about Thursday Two Questions:
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  1. we say they while ones are free range chicken eggs. the yolk should be darker yellow

  2. I have seen white, different shades of brown eggs. Never a green one

  3. I do know there are different color eggs. Growing up, my grandparents had chickens and my uncle use to show me speckled eggs from his hens. Years later on the Martha Stewart show, she shared her naturally colored eggs. The chickens will produce different shell shades depending on what they are feed. Who knew, right? lol I don't believe I have ever seen green eggs before. That would be really neat!

  4. I've actually seen the green eggs, and have eaten a lot of them! My aunt used to have Araucana chickens, which do lay the beautiful eggs ranging from pale green, to aquamarine, to blue. Natural Easter eggs!
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories...

  5. Green eggs, really? I never knew that! I just thought it was a silly Dr. Seuss book!

  6. That is so interesting. I don't remember ever seeing a green egg! And I was a farm girl :)

  7. Just popped in, Amanda, to see if you were still doing the Thursday Two Questions. This one is near the ending but it reminded me of my Mom.
    Mom was a city girl before she married my dad. When I was growing up, she was in charge of the chickens and kittens. We grew male chickens for selling to the market as fryers. Then we kept the pullets to become laying hens. Mom was also in charge of the eggs as we sold them to a produce house. Nightly after the rest of went to bed she would clean the 100-200 eggs for the day. Sometimes I would stay up and help her. :)
    Drop in sometime and check on me, I'm still running two blogs, more on the P&P Place than the other one.


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