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Thank you for your interest in having your product and/ or business review by Self Sagacity. I am very excited to work with you and can't wait for you to join me in bringing informative choices to my readers. They are eager about Living Sagaciously. So contact me and let's discuss your ideas bloggeradmin@selfsagacity.com

I review most products used in our daily lives, for example: family, food, garden, real estate, finance, technology, home, online businesses, travel, education, fashion, etc. Think of Self Sagacity.com like an Online Publication for Home and Business, if it affects your life, Self Sagacity covers it.

A typical review will usually include:
* A blog post, 200 words minimum and / or up to manageable content.
* Photograph or image of the subject, business, or product.
* Link or links back to your site.

I don’t normally refuse any business or product reviews unless it is deemed inappropriate, but in retrospect I reserve the right to refuse your offer if it does not meet my general broadcasting standards. Please email me anytime you have a question, my preferred contact is bloggeradmin@selfsagacity.com.
We accept ads on this website. The rate varies depending on the size, starting with 125x125. The pricing and other sizes are open for discussion. Please contact me if you wish to hire me, or converse other options. bloggeradmin@selfsagacity.com  

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