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Drops of White Pearly Hearts

On a hike this past summer, we found these drops of white pearly hearts. They were located by the now abandoned horse stalls. The area used to be a horse range, people who live in the area would rent these stalls to house their horses. Some of the horses were said to have english horse tack. It was definitely convenient for the owners because it was so close to the neighborhoods, yet also close to a lake and miles of open trails.

Too bad they couldn't keep up with the expenses to keep up with this horse range. But at least the area has turned into great hiking trails with lots of beautiful flowers like these.

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  1. That looks very interesting, almost like bleeding heart flowers! Wonder what they are..

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! love finding surprises like this!

  3. pretty cool flowers! sounds like a fun hike!

  4. I've never seen anything like this before, it's a fascinating little plant and very pretty.

  5. What cute flowers. Hi, I'm from JamericanSpice blog hop and one of your newest followers. Glad I stopped by hope you stop by for a visit and follow. http://mavesfaves.blogspot.com/ have a great week.

  6. They put me in the mind of bleeding heart flowers too.

  7. I don't think I've seen these before. They're exactly like hearts. How amazing!


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