Barcode Generator Free for Your Blog | Thursday Two Questions #49

Through the last 48 weeks I have been picking your brain with my questions, I feel the least I can do is show you how much I appreciate your support. So today, I am giving back. I would like to show you the newest trick to get around the web with your mobile phone. If you don’t already know, the bar code that you see here for Self Sagacity is very popular. It is a smart way to promote your blog. At the same time, the Barcode enables getting to your blog so easy that friends and family will be enticed. But what significance does it have to use the QR Code?

1) No more keying in long URLs.
2) Send a SMS, phone number, or an ad quickly and discretely.
3) Going from site to site much faster by scanning.
4) Providing mobile users the QR Code for your site.
5) It is FREE!

To generate a barcode for your website / blog, or any url that you would like to promote. Follow the simple steps below:
1) Go to,
2) Choose URL, the first circle under QR- Code Generator
3) Put your URL for example:
4) Then choose the size. I chose S, to me it is big enough, but to everyone its own.
5) Click on Generate!
6) Look to your left, under the new image bar code. The image html code is in between the scrolling bars.
7) Copy that code and put in in your favorite place on your blog, or website.
8) When placing in your blog, go to add a gadget, choose HTML/JavaScript, and paste the code in the window, save. Voila`, you have generated a scanable bar code for your blog.

If you don’t have a barcode reader, click on the green circle above right side and you will be taken to another window to download.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #49
Today is IcyBC's Birthday, I have a little virtual Birthday cake over at Blogger Broadcast for her, but I hope you will stop by her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday too.

1) Are you aware of the Barcodes for mobile phones, do you have it on your phones?
2) Would you like to generate a Barcode for your blog, why or why not?

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  1. 1. Wow, pretty cool. I never even knew such a thing exists.

    2. I think it would be much easier than texting an entire url. I am not very good on the keyboard on my phone so one of these bar codes would be nice.

  2. oh, I am learning!
    1. No, I am not aware of barcodes, and so thankful to you for it!
    2. Yes, i am pretty much a mobile person, I want to blog hop if I am bored in the bus :)

  3. 1.No I didn't know, this is something new for me
    2 I would have to read more about it and the decide :)

  4. Good advice for those with cell phone. Sorry, I do not own one.

  5. I've known about the new barcodes for awhile now but haven't gotten around to doing them for my blogs.

    I would like to do them because we are becoming more and more of a mobile society and it could generate a little more interest in my blogs.

  6. Amanda, I will have to reread this when life is just a tad less hectic as I cannot concentrate right now. :-)

  7. Well, I was not aware of this. All I knew was the blackberry messenger bar code :D but this sure sounds interesting!

  8. Sorry, I have a question or two.

    How do your friends get this barcode. Do they have to come to your blog and take a photo of it on their phone? I don't really understand that part of it.
    How do you get it on your phone? I read that twice but didn't understand the phone bit of the instructions.

    I would love one for my blog. I would also love to have one on my phone so I can send to friends.

  9. PS...well, I'm not sure about this tho, for me at least. I got the barcode html and saved it....then, I went out to download the reader, but for my phone, I don't see my brand listed. Yet.

  10. Great information! Thank you! I stumbled you.

  11. How awesome!

    1) I ran across bar code for other things, but not for blog, so this is new to me.

    2) I will do this after this hectic weekend with JoJo's soccer tournament.

    Thank you very much for the birthday holler on the internet :-) Oh, it's so public now ;-)

  12. 1. I did know you can use barcodes on your smartphones for couponing, but I don'tuse that feature. I wonder if a store can scan a barcode from your phone then how easy would it be for them to glean other information stored on my phone? It makes you wonder, huh?

    2. I'm really unclear of the importance of a barcode for my blog. What makes this better than simply sending a hyperlink?

    I appreciate the insightfulness of your post. Thanks for sharing this with me!

  13. Hmm...I am aware of it, and I understand it's use on products or in magazines pointing you to websites with more info...but I don't understand it on websites. I mean, if you're already sitting at a computer, why do you need to have that info up on an iphone with a tinier screen? I could see passing it from one iphone to another (if both you and your friend are surfing on your phone), but the problem with that is most blogs, if they have an iphone mode, don't include the sidebar in that mode, and that's where you would get that from usually. So, no plans to make that for my blog unless I'm going to print up some offline flyers or something to put it on.

  14. Thanks for sharing. this is very interesting. just need a little patience to figure it out because I am a little slow. lol

  15. I haven't heard of such a barcode maker. I've seen barcode on phones but not blogs. I'm not sure what function it will play if it is put on a blog and how useful it will be.

  16. That is so cool. I didn't know they had that.

    I might consider it for my blog.


  17. @Poetic Shutterbug I think it is pretty cool to be able to turn your website url into a barcode, and image, a brand. It is seconds of capturing the info, and that is another reason that it is cool.

  18. @betchaiYes, you can do blog hopping if the blog has it, or you can just zap them and save the links. It is a tool that you can fit in with your lifestyle.

  19. @EwaI like that it transfer the info so quickly.

  20. @SquirrelQueenIt doesn't hurt to have them, many moms have mobile phones now and scanning is becoming more common.

  21. @Nehha N JosshiI don't know why someone would need messenger since there is text? Unless they don't want to download the contacts?

  22. @Anne Lyken-GarnerYes, and no, there is the concept that if you already scanned the barcode then you would save it on your mobile phone.
    You can get the reader by going to the website and download it to your mobile phone, but check your phone first, it might already has the application.

  23. @HOOTIN' ANNIWell, that could be a bummer if your phone doesn't have that function. If you like to scan instead of typing, it is good to upgrade your phone.

  24. @GaleI like the barcode for the l reasons I replied on the comments for my site. Generally, people I come across are not familiar with the word sagacity, so it takes a while for them to get the spelling. I like that it gets the information to them quickly, so that we don't have to be looking for pen, or paper. I would also like to put it on my business card, if I can figure it out. So there is a lot of reasons for me to use it, it is a marketing tool. Unless you are going to market your blog, it is less of use to you. But since this the generator can also generate any image, supposed you are making an ad for your T-shirts, it would be a great way to have it on your blog, so that mobile users can zap them.
    People are constantly on their phones no matter where they go, they have dead time, and it is when they surf their phones. The barcode is quicker, they can zap and bookmark my site, or introduce it to their friends, hopefully. Smiles”

  25. @Cathy KennedyThe barcode generator only generates the information you tell it to. If your phone is vulnerable to the public, it is definitely a threat to your privacy.
    I feel it is a great tool to have, let's say when I am introducing my blog to someone new. Instead of me asking them to write down my URl, all I have to do is ask them to scan the code and save the hyperlink. To this day, I still have a lot of problems with people knowing how to spell the word

  26. @Dominique @ Dominique's DeskIt is a marketing tool and is useful if you use it.  For example: business cards, flyers, introducing it to your friends, getting strangers to your site. However you use to promote your blog, it is another way to impress, and transfer your website URL so that you can accommodate which ever type of user.

  27. left me way in the dust..I have a lot to catch up to! Thanks for the info.

  28. This is very interesting. I have an "old fashioned" cell phone - no internet. I guess that if I had, I'd have to give up my blue hydrangea avatar that people are familiar with. Is that true?

    Thanks for stopping by to see how I create my paintings! You may do as well or better. I've only been painting for 3 years. You never know until you try!

  29. You know I have seen these all over the place right down to a ketchup bottle. Would you believe I've never scanned one? After this post I may dabble into it and see all the things they can do!

  30. Wow, I never knew these existed! Do I want / need one? I don't know, I will have to think about it and research it more. I'm word-oriented (I know how to spell Sagacity, lol) - so I would be more interested in seeing something in writing than scanning it. So glad I stopped by and poked around your site today! :-)


  31. Thanks for this, I linked to you. I posted a code for my blog, for my Facebook and for my Twitter. I'm on Wordpress, do you know of a way to put it on the bottom of every post? that would be cool. Long time follower by the way!

  32. This is BRILLIANT!! I am totally doing this! Awesome! I'm stumbling this too! (By the way, I'm not crazy...I'm just really enthusiastic and tend to overuse exclamation points a lot...and it's after midnight and my brain is the other comment I makes more sense...LOL) Love your blog and following!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  33. I've seen these every where but am having a lot of issues with my blogs. You always come up with some ingenious things.


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