Eyeglasses Reflection Resistant Zenni Optical

Rimless EyeGlasses MaleMy son wears glasses since the third grade. He never takes his glasses off because he wants to be able to see everything, all the time. He used to complained seeing double, or reflections with his first pair of glasses. Even when he is watching TV with lights on, or playing sports in the summer.

We have since learned about the oleophobic lenses. Those who wear glasses should know that Zenni Optical uses the latest modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems to bring the product directly from their factories to the consumers online. There are no middlemen, no retail overhead, and practically no advertising budget. Additionally, you don’t even have to worry about shipping cost, it’s free with orders over $50.

Zenni Optical produces eyeglasses with the fingerprint resistant (Oleophobic) Anti-Reflective Coating, which is the newest generation of AR coating. The super advanced coated lenses repel water, oil, dust and fingerprints, and it reduces annoying reflections. Lenses stay clearer, and are easier to clean than ever before. As an AR coating, it significantly reduces reflections while driving or from overhead light reflections, and makes your glasses less noticeable and less reflective in photographs.

There is nothing more wonderful than being able to see clear. It is a treat for people like Matthew who has to keep his glasses on all the time to function well through the day. He hasn’t had to complain much about reflections now with the new oleophobic lenses, and that makes me feel great as a parent.

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  1. I would love to have these specs in my glasses as mine tends to get so much of my fingerprints

  2. yes! these glasses are unbelievable! I brought them into Peral Visions to show them..they couldn't belieev it either! good value for the price!

  3. Wow! New technology has come a long way.

  4. Wow, good to know about the oleophobic lenses and all the new stuff out there in the market !

  5. I too have been wearing glasses since grade school. My problem is my right eye is just a little out of sync (lazy eye)

    I wore contacts for a while and loved them, but my eyes did not. Now with disposable long wear lenses I am back to contacts. I only need them for distance so now I need glasses to read!


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