Thursday Two Questions #68 - The Frogs Were Wrong For Me

After having to kiss so many Frogs before I found my Prince, I was greatly relieved to know that I can start building our relationship based on higher standards. It never fails to amazed me though, how much better class and quality the people and situations I now encountered are than before.

As many of you have said before, it's because the older we get, the better at we are at selecting. I also think it is luck and fate, as I would never have selected this New Fling on my own. All the stars were aligned.

I still come across sliminess from people who live in the Kingdom from time to time. My first thought was how could I have been so blind not to see, or so coward not to admit I am in the Kingdom of a Frog? But at the end of the day as I settle down with my glass of wine and my feel good food, I realized it is part of the package. Now, I am pretty low maintenance since my mother's humbleness rubbed off on me. I don't expect for every Birthday, but I do wish for some kindness and understanding in our everyday dealings. So the kingdom isn't perfect, but at least the Prince hasn't turned into a Frog.

I thought about the Frogs I had to kiss before, and they all had the same problems. Not enough humility. They were Frogs in the inside. Even if this Fling fails to last, it gave me whole new perspective on Kingdoms. I wasn't wrong, the Kingdom and the Frogs were wrong for me. And I learned that not all the Kingdoms operate the same even if that was all we know, what we expected. It is just a matter of luck and fate and if you allow yourself a chance to be led there.

Just an update to the metaphors of my New Fling (if you don't remember who my Fling is, please refer to my first discussion of "My New Fling").  I am thankful everyday that I am no longer Kissing Frogs, and hope I never will have to again. Paradise is Perfect.

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #68:
1) Have you heard of this saying, and do you believe it? "You have to kiss many frogs to get to a prince."
2) Do you know a Frog in disguise as a Prince right now?

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  1. I think all the men I kissed were frogs, or maybe worse. A frog would not intentionally hurt another frog.

    I light to think my sons are princes. My grandsons have yet to grow into that role. lol

  2. Hi There,

    Visiting you again, I never heard that saying about the Frog but I saw the movie The Princess and the Frog. I dont know if that saying was in the movie.

    Visit me here:

    Thank you


  3. I have heard that saying before and it is very true. But when Prince in disguise comes along you know it right.

    My Prince was a frog in disguise but really a Prince, no more frog. He's been my Prince for quite a few years now.

  4. Definitely hope this prince is all-over royalty. It's difficult when you can't find the One because you feel like you've failed. However, like you said, sometimes fate plays a big role.

    Thank God, I found my Prince 16 years ago. He's a keeper.

  5. 1)Yep, I've heard the saying about kissing a frog. 2) My frog is no longer a frog, but my prince.

    I failed to post my T2Q yet, but hopefully I can get a post up a little later. =( I'm still trying to get into the groove of things after have gone MIA last week.

    Looking forward to a New Year in Blogville with you, my friend! =D

  6. I love the title of this post!

  7. I've heard it and it's probably true although there are some that find their prince pretty quickly.

  8. I've heard it and it's probably true although there are some that find their prince pretty quickly.

  9. 1. I've never thought if I believed it. It is a good way to put it in regards to relationships...maybe. I guess I need to learn more about frogs.

    2. Yes I know quite a few frogs. I don't care for the fact that they are in my presence of life, whether in touch or by family or associations.

    Now off to visit the others and your links to learn more.

    Happy New Year!

  10. @Judy SheldonWalker I have to agree that I think my sons are princes too, no matter what.

  11. @ladyguinevere28 It was a saying that I heard from many moms actually. I guess just trying to justify why someone has such awful luck with men.

  12. @SquirrelQueenIt is great to have short term relationships with the frogs, save most of the precious time with the prince.

  13. @Anne Lyken-GarnerYup, fate has a lot to do with how you take that turn.


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