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Thursday Two Questions #18

My last post was about a Stealth iBot, a computer spy. It is a system monitoring hardware device to monitor someone's activities on the internet. You don't have to read the article to answer these questions but if you would like to you can click here on this link: Key-Logger Computer Spy Catch Cheaters

Here are my Thursday Two Questions #18:

1) Have you been in a situation where you feel you had to monitor someone?
2) If it calls for, do you think you have the right to use a Stealth iBot (computer spy) on your significant other?

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  1. i was once asked by my boss to "monitor" a colleague after he got "reports" that was doing something inappropriate. i felt like a sneak and ended up talking to him (colleague) and asking him if it's true or not.:p

    frankly, if i feel my SO is cheating, i'd use computer spy, homing device, hire a PI, etc. to prove my suspicions. LOL

  2. Never say never, but fortunately, I've never had to monitor sometone's activity on the internet. The idea makes me very uncomfortable, not just that I can spy on someone, but that someone can spy on me. Where does this lead? So scary.

  3. thankfully, i had never been in a situation i had to monitor someone, it can be very stressful i guess.

  4. Yes, I have been in that position.

    Right to spy no, but if push comes to shove, I'll shove back harder.

  5. I've never been in such a situation and hopefully I never will be.

    On question 2, honestly I don't know.

  6. I used keylogger software once, 10 years ago get hard evidence for a case! If I have too, collecting evidence for a certain case, I would.

  7. I'll answer the second question first. I can't imagine ever using something like that to spy on my spouse. I trust him, and doing something like that would damage that trust.

    However, getting to the first question...I have had to "monitor" other people for different reasons, and not through a key logger. I "monitor" my kids all the time, and would not be against using a key logger if one day when they were older I suspected that they were into something harmful. Just recently we have been put in the sad position to have my 80 year old father into a nursing home to be "monitored" for medical reasons. Computers aren't an issue for him, but I can see needing some sort of monitoring or site blocking system for a elderly relative suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia who was still using a computer. It's difficult when we have to invade a person's privacy or take away some of their freedoms to keep them safe, but sometimes that necessary.

  8. The only people I have ever had to monitor are our children on the net. Not that we don't trust them, but there is so much stuff that filters through accidentally. We've always use parental governing software on our children's computers. As kids grow up, then temptations become too great to explore the unknown more. You know, you wouldn't leave a bottle of whisky in a room with kids, right? No difference.

    I'm assuming with this question, we're referring to a possible cheating spouse. Jealousy is an ugly green headed monster. Be confident in who you are. You're beautiful, sexy, and wonderful. Be open with your spouse. Let him/her know how you're feeling. Hopefully, you will know your significant other well enough to realize if something serious is going on behind your back or else if you do something like spy on his/her cyber time to dig up the scoop then you have to be prepared for your findings, his/her reaction if the spying turns up zilch, & your humiliation. It's a tough call for anyone to make and must be considered carefully.

  9. I read your previous post for reference too. I find it hilarious if not tedious to spy on ANYONE. I wonder why your GF did not simply talk to her husband about it. A lot of people are afraid of the truth which is why they do not confront it.

    There are so many instances when I have to monitor, not spy, on people mostly for performance rating. Monitoring is access to general data and spying goes beyond privacy. Beyond that I do not think it is right for anybody to spy on anyone.

  10. Many, many times I have had to monitor others, but not with a computer.

    If I was unsure about my spouse to the point it required spying, we don't need to be together.

  11. Yes I've been in such a situation before and it usually involves someone who can't keep from stealing.

    2. Now how do I get this stealth ibot? :)

  12. @Luna Miranda The Stealth iBot is an excellent tool for companies to monitor their employees. I believe it isn't the right approach, yet, there are times, when it is the best technique to catch dishonesty.

    I have to agree with you. It is horrible to live in lies, and to be lied to.

  13. @Margaret Duarte This is a good point and as I state in the Key-Logger article, be careful of leaving your computer for that five seconds, it's like don't leave your drink unattended.

  14. @betchaiI believe when someone is lying and you know something is up, it is very stressful.

  15. @Halie Santos - Dayo I would use it if I ever felt the need to. If my SO wants to use it on me, I would even invite him to since I have nothing to hide. He should be able to go into my computer without me fearing that I have to hide something.

  16. @SquirrelQueenIt's wonderful that you had never had to. It is a sneaky feeling, even as a employee monitoring process. But someone has to get the evidence.

  17. @♥-Icy BC-♥You know what it is like then, it isn't fun, but use it in a good manner and it is helpful.

  18. @GaleI thought about a monitoring process for my mom too. It is just a safety issue for her and I actually think she would feel comforted to know I am watching even.

  19. @Cathy KennedyChildren monitoring is a must, there is too many temptation for a young mind to handle. As far as the spouse cheating, when they aren't talking, there is no other choice.

  20. @LuiYes, I would say you are right, and that time to too precious to waste on such activity. Yet, if that person won't admit and move on then I have a case to get rid of.:-)

  21. @Judy Sheldon-WalkerIt would be a nice for you to not have to personally monitor the employee physically, but could just catch him or her on a camera or a computer instead, it's safer.

  22. @JamericanSpiceThat is one good example why you would monitor someone, just as the stores do with the customers. Easy, click on the link http://www.selfsagacity.com/2011/01/key-logger-computer-spy-catch-cheaters.html


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