Scoring an amazing job for 2011

Guest post written by Bridgette Peacock

I just graduated from college before Christmas and I'm so worried about the job market. I was so busy concentrating on finishing up my honors thesis and all of my course credits that I didn't really do job hunting as much as I should have. But I made a New Year's resolution that I'm going to find a really great job. Well, I guess I would need to get a job anyway, but I'm obviously making that a priority.

I was online a few weeks ago figuring out my game plan for finding a job and updating my resume on job hunting websites when I came across some Clearwire Wireless Internet specials. I read a little more about them and decided that I should sign up for one for my internet service at my new apartment.

Some of my finding a job New Year's resolutions include updating my resume, setting up a portfolio website and checking job postings online every day. I'm just going to be really persistent.