What is No Page Rank, Not Searchable Blog?

What is No Google Page Rank, Not Searchable Blog?
Bloggerbroadcast.com was online for a year and a half but was not showing up in Google search. The domain was purchased through Blogger, which is a division of Google, yet it was “not found” in Google searches. The Google search was only pulling up Blogger Broadcast's internet trails, like Twitter and Facebook accounts. On the other hand, Yahoo and Bing search engines pulled up www.bloggerbroadcast.com perfectly fine.
The blog was registered under Google Analytic successfully. The robots crawled and indexed the pages fine when the tests ran. So what was holding back this domain from appearing on Google search? It received no rank, or not ranked. For blog writers, it is like death.  

What to Do if Your Blog is Not Searchable on Google
There is no map to get to the root of the problem of why your blog is not searchable and the page has no rank for more  than a year. It could be very frustrating when you cannot tell “tech support” what the problem is, because you don’t know what it is. “Why is my blog not searchable? I am hoping you can tell me that.” They can’t!

Google does a pretty good job at linking the help subjects to the forums and technical support steps. However, it isn’t that simple when you don’t know who to ask and where to go if your problem is not listed in the Google forums. When you try to get live help, it is nearly impossible.

While everyone might have a different problem, there are things that I’ve done that you could try or completely avoid depending on your issue.
• I posted questions on the forums, and received comments, but they were steps I had already took.
• I made phone calls to the domain registrars, Enom, the company that sold the domains to Google, and hit a bottle neck. Emon didn’t directly sell me the domain so they referred me back to Google.
• I talked to the Blogger help. After you go through all the steps, and still haven’t found the answer, you can ask that they call you.
• I went through the steps on Google Analytic again, and spoke to some Google Webmaster help person about my site. Everything checked out fine, but I am still not searchable! I spent a lot of time for nothing.  

My Blog is Banned, Deemed Inappropriate
I’ve exhausted all the things I can do to get my blog back to normal. So how do I get the Google guys’ attention? The webmaster guys that index websites and blogs? The bottom line is, only if your blog is banned, or deemed inappropriate, only then that you might be able to reach the reconsideration team. Sometimes it isn’t you, but I’ve heard it could be the previous owner of the domain that could have done something to the domain and got it banned, or deemed inappropriate from the index. I thought, ok. I didn’t do anything, but maybe the guy before me did. So I went on the hunt to find the history of bloggerbroadcast’s domain. I couldn’t find anything.  

BloggerBroadcast.com Blog Received Page Rank
This is when I reluctantly start that email and check mark the area that said my blog was banned, or deemed inappropriate and needed reconsideration to Google index policy. And the email went off to the reconsideration team…and waited. I received a thank you email from the reconsideration team that they were reviewing my request. Several weeks later, I received an email message that Blogger Broadcast was lifted from being deemed inappropriate. That it was an error of course. That same day I saw BloggerBroadcast earning a PR 2.

You can read the reconsideration email here:
If you have a similar situation, you might want to start with the Google Reconsideration team to see if your blog was banned, or deemed inappropriate. I hope this article has helped you find some answers. Don't wait a year and a half to find out.

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  1. Whoa, that's a whole mess of trouble shooting to go through. When things work out, it's fine, but when it isn't going great..support is a phantom!

    1. It was a huge mystery. Google search is so powerful that without them, it was like BB didn't existed. No matter how we view Google, they still are the preferred search engine.

  2. thakns for sharing this Amanda, this is wonderful information, am glad you were able to solve the puzzle, and congratulations for Blogger's Broadcast has not PR 2.

    1. Yes, PR 2 isn't bad. It would be nice if it was PR5 ;-), but BB is a second blog and really there is no time to work on it.

  3. Wow. Glad you share this. So many bloggers need this information!

  4. dear friend ,my page is http://www.yensao.co which rank No.2 but the try to use this keyword : yen sao but my page is not going top google search with this keyword .Is it my page is banned from google search .Thanks for helping me


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