Halloween Parties and Favorite Things - Thursday 2 Questions #110

Do you think I will ever run out of questions to ask? I haven't yet, as the matter of fact, I had about three four different sets of questions in my head right now, but you might get overwhelmed. So I will take it easy on you...smiles.

It's getting close to Halloween and one of the things I have missed the last few years is going to a Halloween Party. I remember my first Halloween Party was in Pennsylvania. It was a culture shock for my sister Koko, who is two years older, and me - because we were freshly uprooted from our country. We would walk to school every morning, but one day, we had to come back in the afternoon too. You know, as a kid you (me) just did what you were told. There was a no-question- policy...and we adhered to it.

Anyways, the classroom was decorated with a lot of orange and black. There was a huge tub filled with shinny, colorful apples. They looked so yummy! The teachers were dressed in costumes, so greatly disguised that my overwhelmed eyes couldn't even recognize any of them. My favorite part was trying to get an apple from the tub with my mouth. But, I never did get one, and had to give up for the other kids to have their turns.

I am not sure what they did to the apples, but they were always churning - not still so that you could even grab one. I walked away always wishing if I could just have one more try! So that was my first Halloween experience. Although I didn't get what I wanted, it was an experience I never can forget. The teachers did a fabulous job with arranging games, prizes, and neat crafty things that we could do for hours. It was a place where we all felt safe, and had a great time learning. I would like Trinity to experience a decent traditional Halloween party for kids like this. Life is different now, you know? There isn't much of this type of Halloween Parties (schools with budget cuts, parents more skeptical about letting their kids out of their site) for kids like it used to be years ago...at least where I live.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions:
Just a note of "Thank you" for playing with me every week! I truly enjoy this meme and wish to learn more about your sagacious minds.
1) What are your favorite things around Halloween?
2)  What was your first experience at a Halloween Party like? (it could be your kids' or your relative's)

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  1. I would totally invite you to a Halloween party if I was having one!

    Maybe you can just dress up and go trick or treating in your neighborhood?

    1. I am planing on dressing up, and ToT with my kids. I like Halloween more and more each day as I get older. smiles.

  2. Nice post, nice questions. I doubt that you will ever run out of questions. First, you are a woman. Second, you seem born to question.

    I like all the pumpkins, carved or not. I also like all the other decorations. We go walking down High Street just looking in the windows at the pretty Halloween decorations.

    My first party was at school. I can remember bobbing for apples. I am sure that in the lower grades I didn't bob because I was afraid of sticking my head down in the water.

    1. You know, I was afraid of that water too, that is why I never got the apple. I like to look at carved pumpkins, but to carve them is another thing...I tried, it was not easy.

  3. To be honest, it's been so long that I've been to a Halloween party I can't remember when I went or what I did :)

    You can always have a small party of your own where you can dress up, decorate and hand out treats to kids. That would be fun.

  4. Amanda, I don't believe you will ever run out of questions. I think your mind even churns in your sleep! :-)

    I cannot remember the first time I went to a Halloween party but do know that the only parties I attended as a child were Sunday School parties and am not sure they would have had that kind. We did go trick or treating though and that was lots of fun. Mom and Dad took my sister and I to town to trick or treat as we lived in the country. We came home with all kinds of goodies and Mom would dole them out to stop us from getting sick.

  5. I haven't been to any Halloween party yet!!. My favourite thing would certainly be the chocolate and sweets.

  6. I didn't have any Halloween parties memory for myself, but when the older children were in school, we had this traditional party in their classroom. I was a volunteer and enjoy being around the children, helped them with theirs costumes, and directed the activities.

    My favorite things around Halloween are: the pumpkins, the fall colors decoration, and of course, the different costumes..

  7. I generally like the weather and the foliage at the end of the month best. I'm not into Halloween very big now that the kids are grown, but when I was kid I loved it. What kid doesn't? I don't know if I ever went to a Halloween party as a child. It seems like our adult Sunday School Class had one one year. No make that two that I can recall. It was lots of fun, too. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Ahh yes things have change. It's wonderful that you have such a good memory. Maybe you can ask at Trinity's school if they would do such a thing again for the kids...PTO?

    1. I like seeing kids in cute outfits and the candy can be interesting.
    2. We didn't grow up with halloween. I only learn about the practice here in America. I don't really care for it now since it's just getting scarier and I don't do scary very well.

    Happy Thursday!

  9. hopefully now i got this right!

    my two responses to your two questions is posted in my blog.

    happy Thursday to you!

  10. I have never attended a Halloween party ever. But it does sound and look like a whole lot of fun!! Would surely love to attend one day :)
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  11. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It's nice to meet you. I've just become your newest follower. ♥ I love that you have so much content. I'll be reading for a long time. :0)

    Steph ♥


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