Thursday Two Questions #36

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The internet has been a great resource for me, I do a lot of research online. Although a lot of information can sometimes be more confusing. I had mix feelings about diet and workout supplements until I landed on Supplement I find that not all supplements are bad for you. The important thing to remember with any drugs or medications is to follow directions. Read the reviews and the feedback on the kinds of supplements you are interested in learning about. The website have a video for the p6 extreme reviews if anyone is interested in the details. And that leads me to my two questions for this Thursday.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #36
1) Do you read reviews on the products or items you're planning on buying?
2) Which review sites do you use and which do you not know of but wish that there are sites for?

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  1. 1. I read reviews on everything I buy online. I'll do a google search on the product and research all the websites.

    2. I also use Virtual Tourist for traveling and Yelp for businesses, restaurants, stores etc... I very seldom make purchases without reading reviews.

  2. 1) yes, i read all reviews before i buy, they really help. like Jo, I usually just google the sites.
    2) for travel and restaurants, i usually go to trip advisor and fodor, for hikes, i go to hiking sites, for technology, i go to cnet, it all depends on what products i am buying.

  3. Amanda, I do not buy often but I do like Consumer Reports.

  4. I have found the internet world has a little bit of everything.

  5. New follower from Thursday hop. Looking forward to reading more and hope you will check out my new blog.

    Also, I read reviews on product I have not seen before in person. I like Amazon for reviews.


  6. I do as much research as possible and always read reviews before buying a product. and cnet are two of my favorite review sites. I can't think of anything I haven't been able to find a reveiw site for.

  7. 1) I read reviews for the product I plan on buying. Depend on the item, if it's camera, I go to the camera's site, if it's computer, I read a few different sites for the reviews. Mostly, I like CNET site.

    2) I find after reading a few different sites, I have a general idea though.

  8. I don't normally read reviews. I know that other people base their entire judgement on what other people say. I prefer to experience it for myself. I don't usually buy a lot on the web. I ask friends and people I know for opinions, rather than strangers' reviews.

    Having said that. I find that amazon has good reviews, especially for books.

  9. This looks like a fun meme and I hope to join it next time round.

    I wanted to thank you for considering my postcard request post. Ken is delighted at the response on my blog thanks to nice people like you. Have a great weekend.

  10. I absolutely rely on reviews before buying books, watching films, or getting any sort of electronics or technology. I check with my doctor before taking supplements!

  11. I normally do read reviews and get recommendations before doing purchases.
    I normally search through google , amazon or some forum sites depending on the item I am looking at.

  12. yes, i do read reviews of products i want to buy. i compare prices on line, too.

    i search through Google.

  13. Great questions! Yep, I read reviews... which is why when I write my own I really try to be thorough and helpful in case someone has Googled and found me when they're thinking of making a purchase! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I do read reviews for the general information, and compare pricing..It usually take me a while before I can decide on buying anything.


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