Credit Cards

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

I didn't really have any idea where to go to look for new credit card processor, but a friend told me about were at least do some research on the other options available to me. I own a small bookstore and having to pay exorbitant costs to process credit cards really eats into my minimal profit, so much so that I had even considered no longer accepting credit cards. I knew that would be the death knell for my business though, so I took some time to research additional options. Aside from processing credit cards, one of the biggest expenses I have found in running my store is the utilities. You don't think about utilities too much when you're just at home, but when you! got to keep the lights on at 2000 square-foot building 24 hours a day, that really adds up! It's things like this I wish I had been warned about somehow before opening my business, but hey, I guess you live you learn or whatever it is people say.


  1. I don't own a business but I thought the credit card companies had set fees with no options. It's interesting that there are options available.

  2. This information is good for everyone to know. The fine print is what we all have to pay attention to.

  3. Way back in the days, I had a Visa/MC machine and I had to paid a minimum percent for every sale. It used to hurt a lot, but now it should be a lot more flexible...Thanks for sharing, will check it out.


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