My Pink Slip Cover Saved My HTC EVO | Thursday Two Questions #10

Once in a while I would find something very simple and cost next to nothing, then realize its enormous value to me, like some of the items on my list of Must Haves that Makes Life More Wonderful. When SO gave me my HTC EVO phone, besides it being something Trinity and I can't live without anymore, he also bought a very nice case to protect it, but it is difficult to get the phone in and out. So I searched for simpler option and found this pink slip cover for my HTC. I learned last week that I not only love this pink slip cover, but I should not be without it either.

The pink slip cover protects the phone in many ways, for example, sometimes we drop our phone, and the edges just provide enough coverage to stop the surface from hitting the ground or what ever it is you drop it on. And its rubbery material sticks to glass, or metal surface like, the roof of your car.

Yes, another one of Amanda's self confession. I have a slight problem of driving off with items on top of my car roof. A few years ago, a nice police man pulled me over because he didn't want me to lose all my planner pages on the road. Sometimes I don't know what happened to the coffee I thought I made for the road.

Ever since I can remember driving a lot, I had kids, always needing six or seven hands at a time. So naturally I put whatever it is I am carrying in the most obvious spot where I won't lose site, just like when I bookmarked the online lipofuze review website.

Last week, I drove off with the phone laying on the roof of my car. When I realized, I was sick to my stomach. Stopped the car, and went to look in the trunk - nothing, to Trinity's back floor - nothing, and then I look on top of the car roof - but I couldn't imagine, after all I have learned my lessons. Nope, there it was, but thankfully, it was there! My pink slip cover saved my _ _ _, HTC EVO.

This brings me to my Thursday Two Questions #10:
1) How do you define a good purchase?
2) What was the last thing you regret buying?

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  1. I can relate to leaving things on the roof. Way back when I did that a lot but not lately thank goodness. I lose everything in this handbag I have. It's pretty big and has a black lining and it's like a black hole. I'm always rummaging and frantically look elsewhere because I can't find it, can't see it, only to turn everything upside down everywhere else and finally going back to that bag and there it was all along. I think someone ought to invent a lining that lights up when you open your bag. They do it for cars, why not for a handbag? My husband bought me an HTC for my birthday. I love it! How do I define a good purchase? Not regretting buying it afterwards. I can't remember the last thing I regretted buying, so I guess I've been lucky.

  2. 1.) I define a good purchase when the item is handy and durable. Something that can benefit me more than just a couple times.

    2.) I think the last thing that I regret buying is decorating icing because it really isn't that great at decorating. haha

  3. 1. A good purchase is something I use so much I actually wear it out. Every so often I buy a pair of shoes like that, the kind I instinctively slip my feet into whenever I go out, knowing it'll be comfortable and presentable. When it starts to look ragged, I wear it around the house and then to do the yard work, until it simply falls apart.

    2. My biggest regret is usually buying clothes I don't need. I hate it when my closets are packed and I still can't find anything to wear. Less is more definitely applies to clothes.

  4. 1) A good purchase (to me) is something that last and comes in handy; something I will use it and need it.. ;)

    2) Wow, hmm, I usually don't regret buying things I bought but upon a closer thought, I think it has to be clothes.. :)

  5. i am laughing while reading Denise' comment--a lining that lights up when you open your bag! that is a great idea! i need a light, too, when i rummage through my bag. i panic every time i couldn't find my phone in its usual pocket then find out it's at the bottom of my bag!:p

    a good purchase is something that has great value and i can use for a long time.

    my biggest regret is buying something because it's on sale. i have a few pairs of shoes, still unused, occupying space in my shoe cabinet.

  6. I shuddered when I read your post lol Just the thought of losing my EVO makes me ill. I am pretty sure I would cease to exist if I lost it! And my 4 yr. old would surely go into withdrawal without his daily round of Angry Birds.

    1. A good purchase to me is one that I've bought for someone else. I try to buy things that mean something to people, especially at Christmas time, rather than just stuff. When I see that smile they get when they open it, that is a good purchase.

    2. I regret buying toys! I forget time and time again that my 4 yr. old is fickle. He might like the toy for a day and then he's over it. Sure I get that "smile" in the beginning but when I'm cleaning his room and find toys he forgot he even has, it's a little frustrating.

  7. That was a cute confession. A good purchase, to me anyway, is something that never leaves my home once it comes in. Made well and made to last.

    I mostly buy from thrift shops and yard sales anymore so there is not much money involved. To be perfectly honest it has been some of the ready made foods our stores sell like ready made mashed potatoes. They were a total waste of money. Frankenfoods is what hubby calls them. Take care.

  8. A good purchase is something that we really want or need which I can get at a terrific bargain.

    The last thing I bought which was somewhat a regret is this product called BackJoy. The infommerical claimed it would relieve back discomfort. I have yet to discover this product doing that for me, but maybe my back pain isn't related to the same pain generating issues as others. Perhaps more time is needed before I say it was a waste.

  9. 1. I define a good purchase if I actually use and enjoy the item, and if I didn't get overcharged (like when you find out later that the item usually costs half as much...that's a BAD purchase).

    2. I bought a magazine subscription from a kid going door to door fund raising. Thought it was a GREAT purchase at the time because I subscribe to that magazine anyways and my subscription just ran out, this cost a little less renewing would have, and it was helping a good cause...or so I thought! It's been a couple months now and I STILL haven't gotten any of those magazines. So I guess I got ripped off.

  10. 1. A good purchase for me is something I need and can buy it at a good price. Or, something I don't need yet find it on sale :D

    2. The last purchase I regret is a pair of shoes. I tried them on at the store and they felt great. When I got them home and began wearing them they were killing my feet. They are cute though, so I still wear them :)

  11. For me, a good purchase is something I really wanted to use and can buy it at a good price..even though it is not necessary:)

  12. @Denise Light up your purse! Brilliant idea... perhaps you could see about this invention? Wow, I go through the same thing 15 times a day.

  13. @KrystenI agree, if you use it often, than it's worth it and belong with you. Tools are supposed to work, if they don't - you've been screwed - basically.

  14. @Margaret Duarte Agree!I have clothes that I never wear, or just to try on the take off. I just bought a new slip on leather shoes, that was the best thing I recently purchased.

  15. @Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike)True, I have many of the useful things, but also need to get rid of the 1,000,000 things that aren't so useful.

  16. @Luna MirandaYes, lasting is another way to define a good purchase. I have bought things on sale that has never been used.

  17. 1) A good purchase is when I find what I want or need at a cheaper price when other places want an arm and a leg for it.

    2) The last purchase I got was a waste of money when I bought a replacement cell phone from China..That piece is worth next to zero!

    Welcome to the world of forgetfulness..I forgot my cell phone all the time :-) (That explains why I don't answer it!)

  18. The leave-on-the-car's-roof complex is so funny haha!

    1. A good purchase is one I bought on sale (50% down or more) and last for years and people often beg me to give it to them! I always get this a lot!

    2. Recently, I regret buying a dog collar because it has cute designs but it was too lightweight for hyper hounds!

    Wait! Sweepy has something to woof about. I better constrain and watch what he barks about...

    Sweepy: woof, my turn! a good buy are doggy treats because nothing is wasted! i don't regret buying anything because i don't buy. bye!

  19. My feel good purchase would be clothes that fit (part of aging, its hard for me to loose those excess pounds).

    Nothing so far have I regret buying, cause I have to think and re think, if its a necessity.

  20. So funny. I have the exact same pink cover for my EVO. I can't live without my EVO either. I simply love it. It does freeze up sometimes and the battery life is awful but other than that..... its perfect.

  21. I've been looking at the EVO and when I get one I also want one of the slip covers, those are great.

    A good purchase to me is something I need or want at a bargain. I also have to enjoy using it.

    The last purchase I regretted was a pair of boots I bought last year. After wearing them for a day they weren't at all comfortable.

  22. A good purchase is something useful, and economical or something that makes someone else extremely happy.

    The last thing I regret buying is a HP printer. I am tired of paying about $40. a cartridge for my Lexmark, and it takes two cartridges! The HP was second hand and has taken me countless hours to try to get it to work, but it doesn't...It had a 7 day return policy but I never had a chance to try til I had it for a few weeks. I heard ink is much cheaper for a HP.

  23. Answers:
    1. A good purchase for me is when I was able to buy what I really want and spend 50% off.
    2. The 45$ Coach flipflop that I bought in Macy's. After I paid for it... I went to Coach Outlet store and it was only 22$ there. hayyy.

  24. @Judy Sheldon-WalkerThat would be a real bummer, sorry about the HP printer. You might still be able to get it to work if you search online for a solution.

  25. @SquirrelQueenShould not be without the slip cover, they are wonderful. Shoes are another one of those regrettable purchases, how would you know until you wear them?


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