Orange Yellow Rose Twirls and Matching Mission

Delicious looking orange and yellow twirls that also gives off a wonderful fragrance. Every time I look at this rose bush I think of a nice cold creamy orange and vanilla flavored Popsicle stick! It also brings me back to a labor of love day, I know you all love my stories, so I will tell you another one today.

A few years ago, for my mother's Birthday, my garden crew and I came over -, that included the boys and myself, Miss T wasn't around yet - to wish her a Happy Birthday. We brought with us bags of premium soil, soil mix made especially for roses, rose care food, shovels, muscles and 11 rose bushes. We removed all the old, worn out rose bushes she had which she had detested and named them "cà chớn", which closely translates to unreliable. They didn't give her flowers, they were old, they weren't growing, they were unhealthy, and they were taking up precious space.

We replaced those "cà chớn" rose bushes with brand new roses of different varieties. There were 11 to represent her eleven kids. Then I gave her a "Matching Mission" to name each rose bush as each of her children according to how she sees the relation based on color, output, and whatever comes to her mind. I placed a yellow rose bush by the garage entry, and named it Amanda, which gave her the first "Matching Mission" example: that the closeness to her home signifies my closeness location wise, and yellow because she told me I liked yellow in my younger years.

A few weeks later, she told me she had completed the "Matching Mission". It was cute, and funny listening to her reasons as to why she chose a certain rose to be a certain child of hers. With that many, I can't remember all her correlations to the rose bushes. I would probably need a pen and paper to take notes, but the one pictured below is another one closer to her tended garden bed, and she named it KQDoan, my sister with the Estsy shop. Enjoy your week.

I am pleased that you came by to visit me today. If you have any thoughts please comment below.


  1. Beautiful and wonderful story! What her explanation in naming this one, I wonder!

    Gorgeous photos!

  2. Amanda!!

    these are simply stunning!

    I wish I had green fingers like you! :)

    My hubs does the gardening and has planted some English rose variety called tequila sunrise it's quite similar and has a sweet fragrance!

    Have a great Sunday,

  3. That's a lovely story and I smiled all the way through it. Also loved your photographs. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great week.

  4. Great story! Thanks for sharing. The rose is beautiful also!

  5. Beautiful collage of images you've put together!

  6. The "A" was totally for you my friend! :)


  7. Oh what a wonderful story! And what a beautiful rose! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  8. Hi,

    thanks for sharing. Its a touching story! The roses are wonderful. I love the 2 tones of yellow with some blush pink on the tips. I'm a new follower.


  9. Wonderful story. And your thinking of orange and vanilla Popsicle stick while seeing these gorgeous flowers has my mouth watering. I'm going to go buy one. I love those :) Your photos are wonderful as is the mosaic. I wish I could do that.

  10. I love the mixed colors! Very festive blossoms! And I'm glad you shared the story about your mom's birthday too. :)

  11. Hello girlfriend!!!!! ♥

    Those look so pretty!!!! They look like crumpled up pieces of colorful crepe paper formed together to look like little flower blossoms!!!! :) :) :)

    How have you been? You and your lovely family and 11 brothers and sisters??? hehehehehehe!!!! :D :D

    I really need to get some gelato into my system is soooooo hot these days!!!! My goodness gracious!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing the crumpled up pieces of colorful crepe paper!!!!

  12. What a lovely idea! And that rose is gorgeous!

  13. Stunning swirls and tiers of colour in these roses! Very pretty! And love your story!

  14. Being that Icy is my honorary sister I am curious which one represents her. She is very special to me and her flower would have to be too. :-)

    I love your story. It is heart warming. This must have meant so much to your mother, and now she has 11 beautiful bushes to give her joy and beauty.

  15. Awesome. What a terrific idea!


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