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Shadow Shot Sunday: Family Silhouettes

Son1: Dustin
These pictures were taken while waiting for the San Francisco cable car. It was a nice and sunny day. Light jackets in the early morning and by noon, the jackets were off.

Son1 + Son2: Matthew
Son 2 made use of his time with the handy Gameboy, but was able to take his fingers off the game for a quick peace sign.

Plus the Parents

Peace, Love and Family

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  1. Awesome family silhouettes, very fun and creative shots!

  2. These are just beautiful shots. I love family groups like this.

  3. Very creative, and fun shadow shots!

  4. I really like the family silhouettes. Very cool.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

  5. @Hey HarrietYes, my son is pretty creative in photography.

  6. @Diane AZ This is one of those photos I will really appreciate one day, as I have already.

  7. @bobbie I think at the time we were just trying to be goofy.

  8. @~JarieLyn~yes, I thought the son was clever at his photography.


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