Mother Gave 11 Times

golden pig statue and 11 pigletsSo you think you have it rough?

If you're new to Self Sagacity, you might be surprised to know that I am one of 11 children and the eleventh child to be exact. I am proud of it, because it takes a whole lot of woman to give birth 11 times to 11 healthy children. She gave so much throughout her life that she doesn't know how to accept anything, or be good to herself.

Are you wondering why would anyone want to do this to oneself? My mother lived with a certain religion, was raised in the ages of limited self protection, and not to mention was forbidden to have an opinion, or disagreements with her husband. So for all she knew, that was her fate and her destiny.

golden pig statue laying down and 11 pigletsgolden pig with eleven piglets
She can love like I never could.

Her children are and will always be her every breath, fragile and precious. She took such great care of all of us and gave us so much attention that none of us was ever known to have bruises, or cuts. Broken bones, or scars just doesn't exist in her world. By that I meant any accidents due to her negligence. She was very cautious and always thinking about our safety.

She loves my father in a way I didn't know was possible for a woman to love a man. My father is her world, and still is. He left us 23 years ago in a car accident, and she still talks about him like he is among us sometimes. She talks about how they met. I love seeing her face light-up when ever I teased her about how much she loves him. It is so beautiful yet so sightless. To this day, no matter what wrong he did, he is the perfect man. He is strong and firm about his religion, a good man with a kind heart and endless love and respect for "his mother!"

mother golden pigs pigletSee, the pig sort of reminds me of how much my mother gave. All of us were breastfed. The only way she knew of giving us milk once upon a time. She doesn't know that I saw her love and sacrifice for us through the image of this pig - until today. One would think I had this special masterpiece made especially for my mom. I wish I could take credit for it because it would have been an appropriate Mother's Day gift for her.
If you count the baby pigs, there are ten and the one that is not feeding must be me - makes 11. Being the youngest, I get the best, so I would wait until all my sisters and brothers have their fill, then I would have mom all to myself. I still got the best prize, with or without any milk!

african violet mother's day wishHappy Mother's Day to all the mothers reading this post!
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  1. so cute! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I like this cocept a lott:) Your mom reminded me of my mom....she is so giving !!!!! Thx for the lovely post I got to read dear:)

  3. Beautiful tribute to mother! May God always blesses her for all the things she does.

  4. What a beautiful post. I'm so glad your mom had 11 children or we never would have met you. Happy Mother's Day.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  5. What a lovely post and beautiful words about your mother. To give birth to eleven children is an imaginable sacrifice.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post on Macro Flowers Saturday!

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to your Mother, an amazing lady who gave her all to her children. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom. She sounds like a truly amazing woman!

  8. Lovely post. That is one great traditional mom you got!

    The forgotten commandment #5. It's a good time to remind your children.

  9. What a terrific tribute to your Mother!! I felt it was really touching- yet somehow etched with a bit of sadness. I doubt it would of resulted in so much of the beauty you've described here without it. Thank you for putting such a lovely post together like this! It was well worth visiting you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I just made a comment via my phone..I didn't see some sort of confirmation? so I'm back to make sure you know what I said. I wanted to say what a beautiful tribute this was..the flower mosaic as well- lovely and the words are so touching..etched with sadness. I doubt so much beauty would of resulted..it is the way huh?! So well worth visiting you today! May you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Thank you for your comments. My mother is truly a remarkable woman. I can't conceive her strength. But I have to agree with Kilauea, there is definitely a loss and sadness in her life story. I can only feel 1/100 of what she's been through. Appreciate you all for stopping by!

  12. Thank you for your comments, my mother is truly a remarkable woman. I can't conceive her strength, but I have to agree with Kilauea, there is definitely a loss and sadness in her biography. I can only feel 1/100 of what she has been through. Appreciate you all for stopping by!

  13. p.s.

    I'm feeling very special today, actually! Such a beautiful Mother's Day, today! :) :)

    sssiiiigggghhhhhhh.... :D :D

  14. Girl, a HAPPY HAPPY Mother's Day to you and to your mother and to all the mothers you know in your life who are dear to you! From me with love! &hearts

    With that having been said.... WHAT is THAT THING!!!???? LMAO!!!???? ahahahahahahha!!!! The golden idol of piggish motherhood???? LMAO!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!! :D :D

    So, you have ten other siblings... omg! hehehheheheh! :)

    Cheers to you and to your supermom! ♥

  15. This is such a wonderful post. It's a great tribute to your lovely mum. She must be proud of you.

  16. Wow I do not know what to say ehhe happy mother's day and SOOC Sunday too.

  17. Hi!
    Awesome thoughts about your mom. She sounds incredible! Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  18. Wow. Your mother sounds so very special. This is a wonderful tribute to her.

  19. oh, sorry, forgot to greet you happy Mother's Day, and your mom too.

  20. what a very touchy and beautiful post about your mom, Amanda, a great tribute to your mom.

  21. My dad died in 1969 and my mom not til 1997 and she was head over heals in love with him too. I can remember how they looked at each other. Whew!

  22. My mother grieved deeply when my father passed. That was/is love. I am glad your mother had 11 or there would not have been you.

    God bless you, your Mom and siblings!


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