Digital Hearing Aids

Guest post by Katie Fuller

As time moves forward and digital technology pushes us further and further into the future, it comes as a surprise to many the early hearing aids were nothing more than a cylindrical wooden or metal horn. These designs, nothing more than sound funnels served their purpose for centuries before finally being superseded by modern technology. Modern digital hearing aids are the product of an astounding evolution in technology, the product of decades of research and hundreds of top notch scientists working together for a common cause. Most everything in this day and age seems to have gone digital, and we are reaping the benefits of this modernization. Digital hearing aids are no exception to this rule.

To date, there are over 20 leading manufacturers of Digital Hearing Aids. With the average person developing hardness of hearing at some point in their life, most everyone will need a hearing aid, and these companies are ready to help. These firms are in a constant state of research and development, competing to develop the next best generation of digital hearing aids. Recently, these later generations have seen tremendous success in the marketplace. Due to their small size and superior functionality, more and more audiologists are recommending them to their patients, friends and family who are hard of hearing. While these are medical devices, and come at a medical price, there’s little reason to second guess or sacrifice your hearing.

The operation of digital hearing aids is strikingly similar to the old analog versions from centuries past. In many ways, it’s tough to imply that they are completely separate or different in anyway, as they’re simply devices that attempt to amplify catch and transmit a greater number of sound waves. Digital technology in this sense is not better because it is digital, but instead is a superior choice as it collects, augments and amplifies these signals rather than just passing on whatever passes through the hearing aid’s cone.

All in all, while it’s been a long, expensive road for these hearing aid buyers, they are finally accessible to most every consumer in the western world. From the subtle lows to the vibrant highs, modern hearing aids can return more than the ability to hear, but also keep the voices of your loved ones flowing through your mind. This connection is important, and should be maintained by everyone in need, regardless of their income status.


  1. Thanks Katie for the information, I have a client that would be very interested in the digital hearing aids. She has problems with hers picking up background noise.

  2. I will tell my pop about this information - he's hard of hearing.

  3. I will pass this information on to someone I know is partially deaf. Thanks.

  4. Yes, but hearing aid prices for people on fixed incomes are INSANE. It's very sad.


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