Friday Seafood Cravings

I know there's a big audience on Foodie Friday for decadent, sweet, pretty desserts, but I have some truly great reasons for my resistance of baking those decadent desserts. For one, my other half doesn't want me to contribute to his weight gain, and I totally understand that. Out of sight, out of mind. Secondly, I preferred light desserts, as healthy as possible. Third, I probably can't come close to baking as good as some of the participants I've visited. They are so talented! Hands down!
This is not to say that I don't want great comments. I do think about what type of audience I have and how my audience is reacting to my posts, since I just can't be having a blog to please myself...I've seen many participants stopped by from Designs by Gollum, but week after week, not too many commented on my food postings. No pretty desserts? No recipes? Nevertheless, I am thankful for my site supporters, they are inspirational to me.

I joined Food on Fridays a couple of weeks ago, and liked the cozy list of participants, though I need to get a better grip of how to link-up. I found out several days later that last Friday, I linked myself on the list from the week before! LOL I enjoy a little humor as well, so don't take any of my sarcasm serious. I tried to bring humor through my writing and hope that everyone gets it. :-)

I had the craziest seafood craving the last couple of weeks! All I could think of was shellfish...Yes, my seafood eating habit is contributing to my great cholesterol levels. If it's not one thing it's another! Enough with the explanations though, if you're interested in the ingredients for this dish, it is below the pictures. Have a great weekend!

One box of frozen mussels. One bunch of basil leaves. One clove of garlic. One T fish sauce. A pinch of salt, pepper. 1/2 pinch of sugar. One T olive oil.
Have a pan ready with high heat, add olive oil, add the garlic and sate until light brown. Add the mussels and sate. Add, fish sauce, salt, pepper and sugar. Stir the ingredients and the mussels well with a wooden spoon, and put on the pan lid. Let the mussels sit for five minutes on low/ medium heat. Top it off with some basil leaves and it's ready with your favorite sauce. (Chili? green Tabasco sauce? your own special exotic sauce?)

I am pleased that you came to visit today. If you have any thoughts please comment below, and if you like the content from this website please use the follow button or subscribe with your email, both located to the right side of this page. Thank you~


  1. I think with a big participant numbers at that website, you're kind of lost in the shuffle..

    Just do what you love, such as making these delicious dishes so I can feast my eyes!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Perfect meal idea for a Lenten Friday.

  3. Thanks sis. It's cool, I do love to tease you with these great plates. ;-) Hi Sara, I totally forgot that it is Lenten Friday. Just took my mother to get ash on Wednesday so I don't know why it didn't registered.

  4. Heavenly looking dish! So great for today lent meal..

    I understand what you mean about foodie friday, I have only a couple visits from there..

  5. Thanks Mumsy, I do love cooking now! God knows why...I love to eat good food! :-)

  6. you know...those clams always remind me of.... (you know what) ...hehehehe...

  7. Mussels! Those are big in Belgium, and I have not developed a taste for them, but I love almost all other shellfish and seafood (except maybe squid).

    I'm delighted you joined Food on Fridays, and I'm sorry you had a problem linking up. If you ever have a problem, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail, and I'll pop it up there. I do it all by hand after it's been entered into the Mr. Linky pop-up window. That's why there's sometimes a delay before they show up in the post itself.

    I want participatns to get scannable linkage, so I make sure I get those hyperlinks front and center as soon as I can Friday afternoon.

    Have a great afternoon,
    Ann Kroeker/Food on Fridays hostess

  8. These are great photos, too, by the way!

  9. I know what you mean C- My nephews always say that when he sees them.
    Ann- thanks for the visit, I really appreciate your reassurance.

  10. This is not one of my favorite dishes but you certainly make it look tempting!

  11. Judy, it's not one of mine either, but I didn't have clams on hand ;-) my significant other calls me a Mermaid.

  12. i love mussels and the picture you have just tease me, i am so wanting to have those right now.


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