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I don't have many phobias, just a few, and one of them is taking sleeping aids. It's not the drug that I am afraid of, so it doesn’t matter if they are natural or not. Is that odd? I can't be the only person who is afraid of never waking up again…I suppose, given my personality it would be natural for me to want to stay in complete control of myself, even when sleeping. I want to be able to feel or hear what I need to. I am not being compensated by any of these companies for this post, just wanted to share my experiences.

You see the image to the left here? It's a box of Emergen-Zzzz, and it is the first sleep aid that I felt comfortable with taking. Part of the confidence came from having good experiences from using the Emergen-C vitamin packets whenever I feel a bit under the weather. A package of the Emergen-C vitamin and some hot water help boost my energy and help me conquer the onstart of a cold. Given the no fail stats to date, I figure the Emergen-Zzzz sleep aid from the same brand would work just as well.

My First Experience with Emergen-Zzzz
In July, I was very, very sick. It was the worst flu / sickness I’ve ever experienced so far. I am never bed bound when sick, but that yucky virus knocked me off my feet for three days straight! I couldn’t hold anything down and couldn’t sleep for five days. I felt everything, extreme headaches, nausea, coughing, high fever, body aches, gross flem, and stuffy nose. I was so frustrated about my sleeplessness due to the fever and the pounding headache, that I became aggressive about getting sleep. I was so sick that I was praying to God for enough energy to review my will- I felt like I was dying. And it was this determination of getting well that Emergen-Zzzzs started appearing in my medicine cupboard.

valerian root pills

I’ve tried other sleep aids like Varlerian Root pills on our trip to Thailand, but it didn't help me sleep. There's actually a funny story about this attempt to use sleep aid and I'd love to share it with you one day. It has to do with Singapore and what SO thought would happen to us having possession of Valerian Root pills.

Nature Made Melatonnin

Right before I became the advocate of Emergen-Zzzz, I tried Nature Made's Melatonin (NMM), and again, I ended up bing watching the whole series of The Last Kingdom. Thus, I thought I needed something stronger. If you are not familiar, NMM has 3MG of Melatonin. My Son, Dustin said he sometimes takes Nyquil to knock him out. That’s hilarious, but I am not that brave to go for deep sleep yet. Maybe when the Emergen-Zzzz doesn’t work on me anymore, I might have to go to the real drug.

If you haven’t figured it out already, my story about Emergen-Zzzz is a classic tale of a psychological belief I had in the Emergen-C product.
I found out a few days ago that the Emergen-Zzzz has 3MG of Melatonin, the same as Nature Made Melatonin, but somehow, Emergen-Zzzz always does the trick for me. It could be the combination of the warm water and the confidence in Emergen-C that I am sold to Emergen-Zzzz. I am sure that NVM and Valerian Root work just as well.
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