Food at Night Market in Phuket: Thailand

The food at the Night Market in Phuket, Thailand is to die for. Everything looks so good and so enticing. The only problem is that you don't have the stomach to eat everything good that you see. The different varieties are just eye feasts that keeps you yearning for more. 
Our trip to Thailand two summers ago was very memorable. We were in Thailand in July so it was very hot and humid. But if you like the heat and hot weather, you would have no problem going through the market for hours. Otherwise, the tents and heat will get to you and you won't last long.
What you see below are the amazing food booths.  Vegetables, meat, drinks, fruits, desserts of all kinds, deliciously lined up in rows, and sometimes even well groomed lotus flowers, and or orchids. It was overwhelming for me the first time, but I sure wish I can see it again now.
I didn't know where to begin so I just jump into the subjects as they come up. I must have thousands of photos from the four of s taking turns with different cameras. Still the hardest to capture is the emotion of everyone. Video might be able to a certain extent. But just I supposed we can wrap it up in one word: Adventure.

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  1. Hi, so amazed to find this article because we went to Thailand in January and did not know about these markets... They look amazing! When we visited Phuket, I must say, it was at the end of our trip and we were a bit tired from journying back from the islands.If i am ever lucky enough to travel to Phuket again i will definately seek out these colourful looking markets. I so agree with you that Thailand is an adventure.

  2. It might just be an American thing, but when I see all of that food organized the way it is in the photos, I do not have much of an appetite left.

  3. Awesome! Eat into the night, so many good stuff!


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