Our Summer Southern California Trips

 How's your summer going? I've been on two small trips to Southern California so far. In June we went to Santa Barbara, to visit my sister, Precioussewingbox. We finally checked out Kings' Beach - and all I could remember that day was how cold and windy the beach was. I stayed on the dry sandy part wrapped up in a towel. Good thing it was close to my sister's house and didn't take very long to get home.
She also has a membership to an Athletic Club right across the street from her house. Talk about convenient - something like 24 steps and we were at the gate. It has great warm pools!

The photo on the upper left was taken in July and at Huntington Beach. That day was much warmer.

We had a nice time visiting and relaxing while the cousins played. This time we brought my grand nephew with us. Yes. This makes me sound granny old, but his father is not that much younger than me, since I am the youngest aunt.

In July, we went to Westminister, Huntington Beach, and New Port Beach. Our main goal in July was to celebrate and watch the fireworks from the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort by the pier,

I loved the idea, the convenience of the Hyatt hotel, and dreamed how our family was going to enjoy the night. I saw pictures of the pool, the beach, and the advertisements of the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort's water slides. I thought I had it all figured out. Since the fireworks was going to be on the pier across from the hotel, I booked an ocean view hotel room to watch the fireworks show from our bedroom window. The kids would have a blast with the water slides and life would be great.

It turned out that the water slides are dinky little things for younger children. The room had an ocean view alright, but only on one corner. Since we were one of the later arrivals for the 4th of July weekend, they must have ran out of the premium rooms. So the July 4th fireworks and the hotel water slides didn't work out as I'd dreamed, but it was great spending time with the kids. Although $500 a night was not worth it, nor was it spectacular enough to deserve 4.5 stars. The pool water could have been warmer, not at all what I had expected for a resort. And we learned.

We met my friend and her kids there on Saturday - July 4th- and that part was what made our July 4th more wholesome at the resort. I wouldn't stay there again for the price.

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  1. You couldn't get me to stay there for $500 a night unless I get the full royal treatment such as a chef and a personal massage in the room.

    1. I know right. It was all about the experience and convenience, but hell, it didn't turn out to be that great, so I am with you about the cost.

  2. That sounds wonderful! My summer seemed to be on the opposite of yours, homebound since the teenager had many different obligations with school and personal.

    Beautiful photos!

    1. I think you are right. I've been in Southern LA like three times this summer. It's crazy - but there are so much we don't know.


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