Envisage a Move to California

E is for Envisage. I believe this was the first time Trinity went to a ball game. She was a total enthusiast, very excited and supportive of her cousin Roco - the little guy that is playing baseball in the pictures below. Looking at these photos dawned on me that my children have not had many moments together with their cousins such as this. It is due mostly to the fact that all my sisters and brothers live in different states. Though I envisage a move to California, let me share with you how.

I have too many dreams, especially this week. One of those dreams was about calling the California moving companies and assisting the San Francisco movers in calculating how much it would cost to move my Michigan family to Silicon Valley. As it was a dream and sometimes dreams are broken in segments, we decided in the end that it was much wiser to move the Michigan folks more South. So on the phone again I went, scoping out the local Los Angeles movers and started a discussion on different moving packages. Unusual dream, but not really, I heard that your dreams come from your thoughts during the day, or you have subconsciously thought about it at some point.

I do wish all my siblings live around here, as the weather is much milder making it easier to fight through the battles of life. Most of all, I dreamed that we can share more precious moments such as these more often. One of the things I tried to emphasize with my children is how important family is. How important it is to recognize, and be aware of who your relatives are. Friends come and go, but family is the ultimate bond even if you can't stand them. I told my kids to think of the differences as a challenge and practice for all of us to achieve peace and harmony in the end.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day, the little ones were having fun playing baseball. Great post.

  2. My daughter's visiting her cousins right now. they live only an hour away.
    But she's never met her 32-y.o. cousin, who lives in California, and we're in NYS.

  3. They all look as if they are having such fun! Great shots!

    Have a great week too,


    btw My Rednesday is posted if you can join me… HERE!

  4. really nice post! are you new in cmf ads? for i dont remember seeing your blog before. but now that i have, i think i shall visit more often. i like personal blogs like these, i dunno why :)

    anyway, i know how you feel about living far from your loved ones. i felt that when i lived in SF for a little while. had to come back to the philippines for i missed my family so much!

    i pray that your visualizations will soon materialize :)

  5. My kids live far away from their cousins too. I often worry about all the fun and family ties they're missing out on. My husband is an only child so all the cousins are from my side of the family.

  6. Dream makes the world go around! Keep on dreaming, and who knows, it might happen one day!

  7. 'I told my kids to think of the differences as a challenge and practice for all of us to achieve peace and harmony in the end.'
    That is a very good philosophy :-)

  8. Fun shots from what looks like a fun day. Great photos of the children enjoying themselves. I know what you mean about it being hard when families are spread out. My brother and his family are on the west coast and the rest of us are spread out from north east to south east.

  9. Dreams are our minds way of trying to make sense of all that we take in during the day (or so I've been told). Dreaming about being closer to family is really quite beautiful.

    Great choice for E.

  10. that is a very sweet picture together of the cousins, like I dream too that one day my family in the Philippines get a chance to move here, but I think my dream is more difficult than you :(

  11. ENTHUSIASM and EXCITEMENT fit too! Nicely done!


  12. I was really lucky to have close relationships with my cousins even though some of them lived in different states. We always got together on Thanksgiving at various places and that continues to this day. Thank you for the reminder that family is important. And don't give up your dreams! Make a collage board with all the different images, words that remind you of what you want to manifest and look at it every day, very powerful!

  13. SS, I can't believe how you encompassed in your envisaging Blog. Lots of favorites -- family, baseball, cousins near and far -- from my world in Michigan.
    Thank you for a great contribution to E Day!
    Helen Mac
    ABC team

  14. Family is wonderful and your photos and writing display that! Great E.

  15. We enjoyed a close relationship with all of our cousins. Too bad we don't get to see each other any more. No one can afford the gas and they all have moved far away. If you look back at your life you will realize there are any things you have made happen that you may have thought you couldn't.


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