Deice in August

D - for "deice", which means melt, thaw out, or unfreeze. It has been a cool summer. I didn't get enough warmness, even in August, I am chilly. Some mornings, I sit by my kitchen window where the sun is shining through to "diece." Even the cream dispenser is warmer than my fingers. I hope it will at least stay in the 70's for a few more months so that we can make use of the new soda siphon. This thaw out seat is also where I sit to gazed at the beautiful flowers my SO planted this summer. Before you do the "awww", he did it for Trinity's Birthday party, not for me this time. The picture on the left is of T during her Birthday magic show when the magician made the bird appear.

I wanted to participate in ABC Wednesday to challenge myself, because it will make me have to come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet. I could have very well taken a picture of the meat in my freezer and used it as a sample of the word deice, but it isn't Self Sagacity's food post, food is reserved for Fridays. Now that I've finished rambling on - a word so many bloggers use, about the why, we can continue with the post.

Do you have Allysum in your yard? They make great ground covers, or enhancements to your garden. I see them often and in many gardens, except my own, only because I spent more time thinking about what to do. I hope to transplant some Allysum from my mom's yard to fill in some bald spots in my garden. Now that I can say my yards are prep, I could start adding my favorite colors and types of flowers to them.
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  1. I'm still giving you an Awwwwwwww because that is the sweetest little photo!!!

    Happy WW:)

  2. thx. today I learned a new word. Btw, I hv a new blog.

  3. I would much rather be warm than cold but that being said we have had some extremely hot days in our part of the world...today was 104, pretty hot!!
    Your daughter looks adorable.:)
    The Tattered Tassel

  4. I love Miss T's pic. She looks like such a pretty princess. Allyssum (did I spell it wrong?) :-) is a great ground cover and stays well into cold weather. It comes in different shades too.

  5. What a Sweet Photo ~ trying to see in your blog, where you live.... I am so looking forward to the cooler weather, I am Tired of Melting~
    Thank You for sharing with us

  6. Hey! Thanks for sharing the cute pic! And yes, I learnt a new word today:)

  7. I'm sure she had a wonderful time at her Magic party as did everyone else! Please send some of your cooler weather to central Illinois-we could use it! Happy WW

  8. I'm with Ann about the weather, but it seems as if I won't get away with winter here..

    Beautiful photo of Miss T..and flower!

  9. Whereas I have often been TOO warm in Albany, NY this summer.
    Thanks for participating.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. Never heard of deice before today.


  11. I so understand this. I require de-icing 10 months of the year. Good D post!

  12. i am missing the warm summer perfect for beach. that's a very sweet picture of Trinity, she is so beautiful.

  13. a very sweet photo.. hope she had a wonderful birthday!


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