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Oncidium Orchids Tips How to Grow & Care Thursday Two Questions #162 Link Anything

Oncidium Orchids, especially this color is breath taking! I was mesmerized by its beauty from branch to branch, and from flower to flower. Undecided about where and which flower to zoom in on when there must have been hundreds of flowers on this huge orchid plant, I took a chance with a branch that was closest to me. They were all so perfect, so gorgeous, and so fresh.
What I don't understand is how the heat in Thailand can yield such healthy and happy orchids, when what I've read stated that orchids like cool but humid weather. This particular light green and brown specks color Oncidium Orchid was captured in Bangkok, Thailand.

Our last days were spent at one of the most amazing hotels in the world, Millennium Hilton Riverside Hotel, right in the heart of Bangkok. I was in heaven with all the fresh orchid decorations and plants. Even with this type of Oncidium Orchids, there are hundreds of different colors and shapes.

Aside from the treat of being able to gaze upon all the beautiful orchid displays, the hotel had fresh beautiful orchids planted in different settings delivered to our room. Imagine the thrill I had seeing them. Yep, smiles from ear to ear.

The location of the hotel was very convenient, since it is located right on the river Chao Phraya River. We were also very close to the skyline, but this post isn't about hotels, nor is it a sponsored post, it's about Oncidium Orchids. So back to more on orchids: below are some tips on growing and caring for the Onicidium Orchids.

Light Oncidiums like a intermediate-to-high lighting. It varies a bit with the particular type of oncidium. If the leaves are dark green, give it more light. If they're reddish, give it a bit less light. Temperature Provide cool-to-intermediate temperatures. 60-75°F is a good daytime temperature, and they appreciate a 10-15°F drop at night (6-8C). If nighttime temperatures are too warm, this may prevent blooming.
Humidity Oncidiums prefer humidity of about 70%. If you're growing orchids indoors on a windowsill, you may need to set up humidity trays for them; place some gravel in a tray, fill the tray with water to below the level of the gravel, and set the plant on top.

Water and Potting Mix Like most orchids Oncidiums don't like to dry out. Water these orchids as they approach dryness. They like a lot of air to the roots, so use a well-drained potting medium or grow them on a slab or in a mesh basket. Coarse bark or osmunda fiber are good potting media. Many Oncidiums prefer a dry rest after flowering; if the leaves drop, you have one of these: provide only enough water to prevent the pseudobulbs from shriveling until it starts actively growing again. The most important advice for growing these orchids is to provide cool enough nighttime temperatures, lots of air to the roots, and not let them dry out except during a rest period after flowering. Do this and they'll thrive.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #162
1) Do you like orchids, or have a favorite variety?
2) Have you ever try growing orchids?

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  1. These orchids are different from any that I have seen before. I have not attempted to grow orchids and believe it would be fruitless for me to try to grow them. I would most certainly kill the plant. Our climate I would not imagine is the best for orchids to thrive in. Nice, lovely read & photographs on orchids. Come by to see my T2Q post Amazing Grace on Curious as a Cathy! ;)

    1. I have tried, but after about 6 months they all left me. ;-(

  2. Orchids are my favorite flower, though I never have much luck with them. I do love to admire them at the nursery every time we go.

    1. I think this ocidium is one of the prettiest, since they give off so many flowers.

  3. Orchids are such beautiful flowers! I hope to have some in the future. The link up is missing but I will be sure to come back and link up. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

    1. Yes they are. Orchids are special flowers, since they can be grown indoors. Thanks for letting me know about the linky...arg..

  4. Great photos of the orchid! The only flower I seem to be able to grow is thankfully my favorite - sunflowers!

    Thanks so much for the linky share opportunity! (I may have to steal that idea from you!) I am sharing a book challenge on the topic of Love.

  5. I have never seen these before. How beautiful!

  6. I've never grown orchids before. These are beautiful!

  7. I have never seen this type of Orchid before. They are pretty in their own way.

  8. I love orchids and used to have a lot back in the Philippines, here, I only have a few. I did not know the name of this one is oncidium :)

  9. It is indeed beautiful.
    I've always loved orchids.
    When I first met my mom, I brought her an orchid plant.


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