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Top Gifts to Buy for Men 
The thoughts of buying for dads, brothers, and men in general usually puts me at lost. That’s because we often think with our own desires, and it's clearly not what they want. So for a moment, see these guys as individuals without judgments. Don’t try to make sense of their wants and needs. Most guys want tech stuff, which are toys for men other than home improvement tools. So think technology, electronics, internet, and you’re half way there.

1) High Speed Internet: By far one of the most useful item in our household is the Internet, but like him, I am wishing for a better internet provider. We’ve had the same internet provider for years, and you would think our bill should be lesser by the year, or at least stay the same. No, the bill keeps going higher, and the service less reliable. So a more reasonable and consistent internet provider would be a dream come true.

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2) TV New or Upgrade: A new TV,  an upgrade for a bigger screen, or more remote features would be his dream. Yep. You got it! Guys love to get bigger screen and better TV, especially the ones that are cable ready and or Internet capable.

speakers and remote

3) Sound System: Whether a new sound system for the TV or stereo system, new options and. Remember that this is a list for the guys and what guys dig getting, so nothing about making sense. They love tech stuff and electronic toys.

iphone front and back

4) Phone Upgrade: Who wouldn’t want the latest version? Me, but that is because I am lazy of changing over… Guys are like children; somehow they always find time to fiddle with their toys.

angry bird game

5) Games: I catch SO playing games on his phone once in a while. I think sometimes they just need downtime. Just like how women watches soap opera, or TV shows, they play games. So why not get him a good game that you think he would love play?

silver rolex

6) Watch: A watch is a watch, but a watch that he can be proud of and wears everyday, forever, is a gift he can't refuse. I bought SO a couple of watches, because at the time, I was unimaginative when it comes to buying gifts. But, I can tell you after the last one I got for him, I didn’t need to get him anything else for the next 10 years. It was a watch that will last him a life time, and a piece of accessory that he is proud to own.

crowd at concert

7) Concert Tickets: When was the last time he went to a concert? He must have a favorite band that will bring back some of good old memories. I don’t think SO would refused to go to a concert if he was given tickets to one of his favorite bands.

gym machines

8) Fitness Membership Gym: This gift is special, it speaks love. Giving him a membership is a way of taking care of him indirectly. It’s amazing how many people will exercise if they have a membership to a gym. It’s a psychological thing that once you paid for something, you feel obligated to use it.

man getting massage

9) Massages: Oh my goodness, this is one of the best gifts, if they can ever get there. So instead of a one time thing, last year I gave SO a whole booklet. I thought it would be better since having a booklet will give him a sense of continuous indulgence. What’s more, sometimes I could even share a session from it. He was thrilled when he got his booklet.

wine glasses and wine bottles

10) Wine, alcohol: If your guy like to loosen his tie a bit, why not buy him a great bottle of wine or a Jack Daniel Honey Whiskey? If you haven’t had the Honey Whiskey, try it. You will be amaze how awesome it is and you won’t even know you’re drinking alcohol.

trips vacations

11) Trips: A romantic trip all planned for you and him. Yes, so it is his turn to plan. If you took this on, he would thank you for it. I am sure many of the guys want to do this for their woman, but don’t know what she likes, so this is just something that would be wonderful for both of you, plus  it will ease his guilt of planning.

Here are a couple of bonuses for those of you who are rolling in the “dol ,euro, or pounds! 

tesler red car

12) Car Tesla: It is not just a car, it is the way we can be less dependent on oil. Bring back the wealth to our country. It's important that we not only support our technology, but also enjoy it! If god is willing, my next dream car will be a Tesla too. I can wait.

field green grass for sale sign

 13) Land: Is it that time to built your vacation home dear? How about an investment? It could be the best thing you will ever do for him and your family. There is something about having assets that makes a man proud. “The dirt is rich and deep like your love.”

Are you surprised what came up on the list?

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #169
1) What does the guy or guys in your life want, brother, son, significant other?
2) Is there an item or items on the list that you have gotten or would get for your guy(s)?

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  1. My guy would want a motorbike. I got him a car once :) That was before we got married.

    1. Nice! A car is something I promised SO when we first got together, now it didn't seem like it's appropriate anymore. I was thinking motorbike too, so that we can adventure together.

  2. All of your gift ideas are excellent for not only men, but women, too. This Christmas I got DH exactly what he wanted, the new Mini iPad with Retina display and he LOVES it! However, you have put together an impressive list of ideas. We would love to have a better internet provider. Comcast's prices keep soaring and we have problems with them just about every few months that drive us nuts. Unfortunately, if you want high-speed cable internet in our area then Comcast is the best option right now. I wish the market would get more competitive then Comcast would be forced to reduce their prices and provide better service or loss business. We have been talking about upgrading our TV, but at this point we are wanting & watching the new 4K OLED hitting the market. This is too expensive for us right now, but as time goes by the consumer cost will drop. Thanks for hosting the T2Q fun!

    1. I used to work in a lab making OLED, I know how wonderful it could be. I don't blame you. We got a TV and it keeps going out not even a year yet! We are definitely considering the Mac next time. Forget about TV.

  3. These are fantastic ideas and great suggestions! I think my oldest son would love a gift card to restaurants of his liking..

    1. Sounds great. You should use the Acxiom, because you can get gift certificates for cheap. x-)

  4. My oldest son is always first in line for a phone upgrade, and I bet he'd like anything on this list too. :)

    1. They all sound good eh? I would love let's see, everything except the concert tickets!

  5. Yep, you pretty much nailed it. I think my husband would be over the moon with any of these gifts. Especially the massage lol.

  6. I think the only item on the list my hubby would enjoy is land for our big camper to turn it into a summer get away. Thanks for joining Thumping Thursday.

  7. Tough question. I had a really difficult time selecting a gift for the guys this year. I think they would like best is a tablet or new phones.

  8. That is a great list! I agree with massage. They do want that.
    I never know what mine wants.
    We should be closer ...maybe as the problems get worked out.

  9. I know my boyfriend want a new iPhone, and possibly everything you've listed here. But it isn't realistic when we have bills to pay. But, yeah, he would love any of these items.


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