PadWoonSen MienXao Silver Noodles Recipe

Pad Woon Sen Mieng Xao Silver NoodlesClear noodles. Mung bean noodles.
My favorite noodles out of any noodles on earth, because the clear noodles are made from mung beans. Since I learned that other types noodles are made from rice, or eggs, the mung bean noodles has given me more reasons to love it and eat more of it. It is by far the healthiest noodles to consume.
With the clear noodles, my three favorite dishes are: 1) seafood salad, Krung Thai calls it Special Seafood Salad- Thailand's name for it is Yum-Woon-Sen, 2) Mieng Ga or Vermicelli Chicken Noodles, and 3) Pad-Woon-Sen.
I found an easy way to cook mieng-xao for Trinity and myself that isn't so time consuming by watching some side street cookers while we were in Thailand this past summer.
I realized there are many other ways to prepare this dish, some have a lot of ingredients, and complicated procedures, which takes forever to prepare. It's nice when you have time, but for quick cravings, I use only the ingredients that we like, such as the ones below.

PadWoonSen MienXao Silver Noodles vegetarian

                                             PadWoonSen MienXao Silver Noodles Recipe                                         
6 small bundles of mung bean noodles
1 pound chicken meat (option- sometimes I use shrimp, but pictured here is vegetarian)
4 tbs of fish sauce
1 tablespoon lime juice-only (optional)
2 tsp of sugar
2 tsp of minced garlic
2 tbs of cooking oil
2 eggs
1/2 medium tomato sliced (roma is great)
2 cups of bean sprouts
3 green onions chopped
cilantro for garnish
1 cup of chicken broth
Preparation: Soak 6 little bundles of mung bean noodles in cold water for at least 10 minutes. Drain and cut into 4" long strips. In a bowl, add chicken meat (option), fish sauce, sugar and garlic. Heat cooking oil in a wok until hot. Put in the chicken meat mixture stir quickly. Keep stirring the chicken until it is cooked. Add the bean thread noodles (that you soaked earlier). Scramble 2 eggs. Add chicken broth, a little at a time, if the noodles start looking a little dry. These noodles cook fast. When the noodles turn clear they are done. Add red bell pepper , bean sprouts, and green onions. Add lime juice. (optional) Stir for a few seconds (don't overcook the bean sprouts) Turn off the heat. And dish out on a serving plate. Garnish with ground pepper and cilantro.

PadWoonSen MienXao Silver Noodles Vegetarain Recipe


  1. This is mouth-watering!
    Since you left, we are under a heavy blanket of snow so I haven't make it to the market, but I will make this once I have all the ingredients!

    1. So sad that you are snow bound! So cold up there, it's a good idea to stay in!

  2. I don't think I've ever had these kind of noodles, but I do love all noodles I've ever tried. I am sure these would be a hit too!

    1. It's so light and healthy for you, especially if you prepare it the vegetarian way.

  3. Now that is a new and interesting dish I'd love to try!

  4. another thing we share, this is my favorite noodle too :)

  5. That looks delicious. I've never had noodles like that before, but your dish looks so good that I would love to try it :)

  6. Looks yummy. I am hungry now!


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