Thursday Two Questions #71 Search Function Gadget

Gadgets galore. I like gadgets, don't you? I like them when they work well for me and for my readers, like the search function gadget. What is the point of having a gadget if it isn't being used? I am one neat freak when it comes to my blogs. I like clean, organized, areas. Even if it means I have 20 menus on the navigation tabs. At least I am organize, ok? Sometimes less is more and I keep trying to learn this habit, but of course some of the things I do on this blog that I think might benefit the readers, I am doing for myself too.

The gadgets I posted on Self Sagacity or Blogger Broadcast that I use a lot:
  • I use the links to the Social Media channels for my blog a lot, when I am linking to parties.
  • I use my search function gadget option a lot, when I am looking for a particular subject. Although the search funtion has not worked on Blogger Broadcast for a year+. It just recently came to life!
  • I use my naviagtion bar to find posts in the categories so that I can find a certain recipe.
  • My Popular Post list
The gadgets on other people's blog that I use  alot:

  • Google GFC
  • FB Like 
  • Subscribe to email
  • Popular Posts

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #71:
1) Which gadget or function on a blog do you use most?
2) In particular, do you like the search function gadget on a blog or use it at all?

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  1. I like those gadgets as well. I like the email subscriber and the social media links so that readers can share the posts. Like you though, I've been trying to keep my blog clean and at a minimum though that's difficult to do at times.

  2. I love widgets! I think my fav is the one I have with Icy in it. I always hate how I get behind with my following and it shows me her most current post.

  3. 1) Which gadget or function on a blog do you use most?
    2) In particular, do you like the search function gadget on a blog or use it at all?

    1) I love the require comment moderation on older posts that blogger has. Someone, in Chinese, added an encripted comment on most of my older posts. According to my SiteMeter that spammer spent almost three hours doing this.
    I tell people they are sending coded messages to and from China via my blog. I have seen them on other blogs also.
    I catch a lot of spam and advertisers trying to sneak in on the older blogs this way too.

    2) I use the search funtion on my blog to find past postings that I can find by searching for a "key word". Then I narrow them down by using the "Control 'F'" function of Explorer 7.

  4. i use the search blog gadget a lot :) especially for my site. i sometimes need reference for my own posts and i remember writing similar, so I would search my own blog, or I get some inquiry for particular place/trips, then I would search my blog and email them the link that they were asking rather than typing or composing lengthy responses to inquiries. Love it.

  5. I use pretty much the same ones that you do. I suppose the comments and linky gadgets are two I use the most.

    I don't notice the search feature on blogs that much. If I search I usually use the one on my tool bar.

  6. I use the archive page a lot to get to post which I want to re-read, gadgets that I use are google GFC and fb lik and google + .. I've removed GFC since last yr since it's not for non-bloggers now.

  7. It goes without saying, I use the comment function the most when visiting other blogs. I make a point to leave a sentence or two or three or a whole paragraph. Okay, sometimes I actually rant a bit. =D

    The search feature on blogs is quite helpful. I think if a blog doesn't have one, then the blog owner should consider adding this feature. I love it!

    Thanks for hosting!

  8. Joining today...

    Answers of your questions..
    1. I usually use the javascript html..
    2. Not using much of search function gadget...

  9. Great questions!

    1) I use GFC & Social Media/Subscription gadgets all the time. I tend to click on just about everything that provides information!

    2) I do use Search but mainly on my own blog. On other people's blogs I prefer good archives and navigational tools to help me find what I'm looking for. Unless I know a keyword for a specific post, searching can be challenging and I visit SO many blogs it's hard to remember what to search for on anyone's blog!


  10. @Poetic ShutterbugLess is more. Only post what you or your readers used.

  11. @Judy SheldonWalkerI think you have a point there, I do use my blog list a lot.

  12. @JimSounds like we have another thing in common. We use the search function on our blogs to find past posts.

  13. @betchaiNow I am starting to wonder if the blog owners use the search engine more or the readers. It realty sounds like most of us use it for our own blogs.

  14. @SquirrelQueenWell there you have it. The search gadget is really for the blog owners more than anything. The comment Form is without the doubt the most used gadget.

  15. @Dominique@Dominqiue's DeskI bet it was sad removing the FCC gadget, I mean you worked and worked to build the folowerS.. Such as shame.

  16. @Cathy KennedyI just can' t even begin to cont the hours I spent commenting. Gees, I would be younger if I subtract those hours from my life.

  17. @gengenHummm...it shows you certainly know your HTML and java scripts. Those are pretty cool skills to have.

  18. @Create With JoyThat was an honest to goodness answer. True, true. Unless you remover what the post name is you wouldt know what to search for. Unless you just know they would have the subject.

  19. I like the share buttons. Lots of people come to my blog looking for gadgets because I've got a lot of articles about them on my blog (so they ARE popular!)

  20. I need another search function button because mine isn't working at all. So frustrating.

    1. I used their Plus one button most now.

    2. Yes I like the search function. But I've been sooo frustrated with mine and wonders why it doesn't work.

    I notice the others on other blogs work though.

    Happy Friday!

    Off to visit the others!

  21. I use the social media buttons a lot to share the post that impressed me.

    I don't use the search function on my blog as I have Google Adsense, and I'm pretty sure you will get terminated if violate..I search with my tool bar though!

    1. I don't have adsense so I don't have to worry about it. I use the search function not for the internet but for my blog only- that can't be against the rules? I will ask and see where it leads us. Thanks for stopping by.

  22. @ Amanda, actually, once when I changed my blog's lay-out, it automatically deleted the gadgets, and I forgot to add the search blog, one of my friends reminded me to add it, she said she uses it a lot whenever she looks for vacation or travels :) so I think a few of our readers do use it.

    1. I use the search function on the blogs that have it. I search for certain posts or if they have the subjects and I looking for. But by far I use the comment widget a lot.


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