Know the skills to manage your finance and avoid debts

It is often found that the U.S people are unaware of the value of dollars. They use their credit cards profusely but are least bothered to make payments on their cards. Hence, debt seems to spiral up and goes out of control. The credit collectors will call you continuously. If you ignore them, they can even sue you. Ultimately when you’ll find that paying off debt is impossible, you’ll file a bankruptcy. If you don’t want to face such situations, then you must start managing your finance from now.

3 Tips to live frugal
Read on to know how frugal living can help you manage your personal finance.

Eat out less:
Eating outside can be fun but on the other hand it is quite expensive. If both of you’re working, you must cook at home in the weekends. This will save your money as well as keep you health fit.

  1. Collect coupons:
If you can use your computer, then you must search different sites to collect discount coupons. Use those coupons while you’ll go for your grocery shopping. This will help you save money on your groceries. If you want to save more, then you must choose a particular store in your area from where you must purchase every time. There you’ll be able to double your coupons and reduce your grocery expense. This way you’ll be able to save your dollars and use it to repay your obligations.
  1. Take the membership of a library:
If you have the passion of reading, then you must be spending a huge amount of your money to buy books. You must stop doing such instead, search of a library of your locality and take a membership. This will help you get hold of your desired books and quench you thirst of reading.
Thus, try to follow the above mentioned tips to save maximum part of your hard earned dollars. This will help you stay current with your payments and avoid falling into debts.

About the Author: Jason Holmes is a regular writer with Debt Consolidation Care and is also a contributory writer with other financial sites. His expertise is woven around various aspects of the debt industry and with his e-books he tries to impart to people the different situations and simple solutions to get out of difficult situations. Some of his works include e-books like 'Credit Score The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket', Take Creditors and Collection Agencies to Small Claims Court' and, My Story- From Depression To a Smile'.


  1. I do all these, but I'd love to do better at couponing. I just feel weird about it.

    And we LOVE LOVE LOVE the library! Now if only I can get the digital hook up.

  2. @JamericanSpiceI am okay with using coupons, but I often clipped them and carry them around in my purse and never remember to use them.


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