Pink is Shore Thing

We are having one of those wonderful sunny days today. Trinity got dressed in pink, and I would have loved to finish the look with those gorgeous moissanite earrings I saw the other day, but she would need pierced ears. And in order for her ears to be pierced, she would have to approach me about it, because I want to keep her innocent for as long as possible.
The vibrant color of her dress and the beautiful warm sunshine through our windows had my mind spinning. The connection was very brief, but very convincing…pink, sun,…beach.

Last year it seemed like we were at Santa Cruz quite often to get our beach air fix. I can’t wait to shed the three layers (not onions here) of clothing I have been wearing to keep warm.
I was so much colder this year. At times, I wore two pairs of socks, and two layers of bottoms and my hands are still ice cold. I live in Northern California, yes, not Michigan, but it is still too cold for me.

Some nice beach apparel and plenty of sand and sun sound great right now. I like seeing the surfers wrestle with the waves and having a blast, even though it seemed like they fell off their surfing boards more than they were able to ride the waves.

Nevertheless, each surfers is proud in his surfing outfits. I had a hard time finding good surfing apparel before, but since Trinity told me about the website that she liked so much called A Shore Thing, I don't have to search anymore. They have beach, surfing apparel, and accessories. You name it, they have it. Trinity liked their website, as she claimed in the post My New Umbrella. It reminds her of the sand and beach.
I think it is a lot of fun to see a hip apparel website.
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  1. It has been colder than normal and it's not easy trying to decide what to wear.
    Your sweetie is a cutie and I love seeing her happy face. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  2. Pretty and precious in pink. She truly looks happy and blessed.

    Amanda, if you are not the hardest working blogger, next to your sister, I don't know who is and I think you are very deserving of this award. Please stop by and pick it up. Take care and God bless!


  3. Amanda, do I hear you complaining?:-) Icy is freezing her bones off in Michigan. :-)
    So am I, actually, in grey, cold, wet Bristol.
    It's encouraging to see the sleeveless dress T is wearing. My kids are still wrapped up with layers of extra clothes. We need some sunshine desperately.

  4. Your daughter is adorable. Her personality pops right out of the picture. Love your blog! I’m your newest follower! Pls follow back and check out some deals:

  5. I love the pink and her big smile! Too cute!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    She is so precious!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. You have me smiling... great pink post!

  8. pink, sun, beach, what a lovely combination, love Trinity's dress

  9. Oh how I wished we had beaches. It would make the yucky weather be more tolerable.

    Lovely photo.

    I've heard about this place, a shore thing. Pretty neat.

  10. Pink is definitely Miss Trinity's color, the dress is so cute on her. Her smile is amazing.

  11. Your little Missy, is so cute in her outfit. The color fits!

    Thanks Amanda for stopping by. I am taking it easy with memes... I hope to be back blogging soon.

  12. Pink is my color... so girly... so me. LOVE PINK! Little Ms. Sunshine Trinity is looking so pretty in pink indeed.


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