My New Umbrella

Guest Blogger: Trinity

It has been raining here, so I convinced my dad to buy me this Disney Princess umbrella the other day and I just had to try it out. The last image is a very short video clip of me.
Mom has been keeping me indoors, but since I have this new umbrella, she was okay about letting me go in the rain - just for a little while

I wish I could help mom with her website / blog, but every time I go near the computer, she acts like she can't breathe. So the only time I can practice a little typing is when I think she is not looking, but she always gets me.

It is weird you know, she lets me help her with other things, like cooking and laundry. Oh, don't get me started about cleaning, she can't do without me and always asking for my help. Trinity "put these books away, Trinity pick up those toys...", but not her website. She said sometimes she wished she could find something to help burn belly fat fast, but as far as the website goes I need to be more tek-ik-col.

I was trying to tell her that if she lets me practice, one day I would be as good as the guys who did the florida website design. Their samples look very professional and I am so impressed with them. I love their Shore Thing website, especially right now. I would love to be on a beach and playing in the sand. These guys are very tek-ik- col. They know all about florida seo and I bet mom could use their help. I think I will tell her about them, because she might be interested to see some of their florida web design, maybe she will realize that I know a lot more than she thinks I do.

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  1. I love Disney Princesses-especially Cinderella! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Pink Saturday!


  2. Lovely Pink... and princess too!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Trinity, I think your mum SHOULD let you practice on her computer. You are def tek-ik-kol for typing out that blog post.

    You certainly seem to be very helpful, picking up all your stuff like that. I like your film. I'm sure mum had nothing to do with that. ;-)

  4. Oh love the pink! Thank you for sharing, and thank you especially for stopping by with your nice comments..stop by anytime!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. You are so pretty and charming, Trinity. Enjoy your beautiful new umbrella....Christine

  6. Lovely pink and what a cool vid!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh how fun it is for her to play in the rain like that..

  8. Oh ain't you just adorable...It sounds like you and my Lil Sara would get along very well, she also loves umbrellas, Disney Princess and banging on my keyboard..and yes I also find it hard to breath when she does that.

    I hope you have fun with your umbrella while the rain lasts...But when it stops, tell mummy to take you to visit my pink post about how to catch you some fairies :)

    Happy pink Saturday

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love that Princess Umbrella! Wish I could get one! Blessings, DE

  10. Well Trinity I think you should let mom know since you got the house work done that you would be awesome at the computer and you already have the tek talk down and some typing. Give her ones of those big smiles and giggle a little and telll her Please..........
    Stpped by via the Surfin Saturday

  11. Such a cute princess!! Love her pink. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  12. So precious! God bless. I would trade our snow, rain and sleet for some rain any day!

  13. Hello Miss Trinity, your new Princess umbrella is so pretty. I think your mom should give you more blog time, you seem very tek-ik-col to me. :)


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