Home Remodeling an Infinite Debt & Pride

My mom used to say, having a home is like having an infinite debt. In other words because most people do not have the perfect home, they are forever updating or upgrading, which is essentially another way of endlessly pouring money into the home. If not that, then there is always the maintenance part, which essentially becomes an infinite debt because the house will never stop needing maintenance. Yet we all do it, and we do it because we take pride in the place we live.

While it is typically the American dream to own our own homes, when we buy a home, there is much compromising. And most probably it would not be the perfect home. Some people buy a small home and big lots with dreams of doing home additions, adding the extra square footage to make living more comfortable.

Like many people, we found a modest home in a great school district for the kids, but we had to compromise that the home has never been updated since it was built. We settled and reasoned to somehow make it work. We are still using the original appliances from when they were first put it. Needless to say our kitchen is in dire need of kitchen remodeling.

Again, it’s one dream at a time. Between work and children, there is very little time left for anything else. Maybe we can squeeze in some fun here and there, but as far as updating goes, it requires major commitment.

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  1. Oh I can sure relate to this post whole-heartedly. My house, as you know, in desperate need of repair..

  2. Hi I found you on blog hop. The picture of that kitchen is gorgeous! I would love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance http://memoirs-of-2-wicked-chefs.blogspot.com/ Hopefully we can share some great ideas!

  3. This is common around the world! We always look for updating and it's actually a temporary satisfaction.

  4. i heard you... but unlike you, i don't just need a home remodeling - i need a house. hayyyy


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