Thursday Two Questions #29

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #29:

In general, people are living longer and staying more active.
  • What is the appropriate retirement age to you?
  • Do you think the 65 age requirement should change?
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  1. I actually do not think there should be a specific age. I think when a person decides to retire or when a worker and company agree mutually on retirement, then is the time to call it quits. It shouldn't be age specific.

  2. 1. I think they should leave the retirement age alone. Many people will chose not to retire until later out of necessity or because they love their job. But if they chose to do so, people deserve to call it quits and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
    2. Guess I already answered this one above. Anyway, there aren't enough jobs to go around the way it is. When people retire, they make room for the next generation to take over.

  3. Amanda, funny you should ask this! I have a coworker one year older than I and she and I talk about this at least once a week. We are suddenly so tired of these 10 hour days. I want to stay home and write but I cannot do this until I have enough money to live off of. I cashed in one retirement fund to move my family back to Michigan and another to help my odest son so I just started my third. lol

  4. thanks to you. just joined your meme.

    1.I think 60 is good enough for me.
    2.yes, and I prefer 60, so that I'm still strong enough to bond,and can spend more leisure time with my grandchildren and definitely early pensions, the better...

  5. I'm not sure if the age should be changed, but I think many are working way past that out of necessity. :(

  6. I really don't have an ideal retirement age. I had a teacher before in high school and she seemed to be more than 70 years old, but her mind was still sound.

    I think it would be okay, however if a person can still function properly, I also think that they should still be given a chance to do the things that they love to do, including going to work.

  7. I think that people should still be able to retire at 65, but should be allowed to stay longer if they want to. I think the ideal age for retirement all depends on the person, and their health, and how they feel about their job.

  8. Finally, I am back here.. found my way back, thanks to your email.. sorry, my email inbox is loaded and I just realised I missed your previous notification in other emails you sent..

    I am now on only Tingtasy; getting all in just site.. so, yeah, kind of lost many of you along the way.. but well, am back.. :)

    For your questions, well, I don't have the answer because it is not something I thought of.. sorry.. :P :P

  9. That a hard one because as you said people are staying more active and living longer. I think it should be when the person feels the time is right.

    I don't think it should change. The idea is to retire while you are young enough to really enjoy the retirement years.

  10. Q1: 65 is okay with me.

    Q2: nope..

    thanks for hosting this meme..

    have a nice day!


  11. I know retirement is usually in your early to mid 60s, but who can afford to retire anymore?

    Changing the retirement age wouldn't help much, I don't believe for those who healthy when they reach 65 because changes are these individuals will have to seek at least part-time employment to make ends meet.

    The sad part of it all is if you do take retirement and you're not in good health then finding work will be next to impossible even if you are able to work a little.

    The youth of today need to pay attention to what's going on around them and plan for their future. Uncle Sam may not be able to pay them back when they hit their golden years. Shoot, the government may not be able to give us our retirement dues. I just pray our 401K does some incredible things before we get to that point.

  12. i'm semi-retired now, and i wish i could retire totally by age 50. i regret that i didn't make plans for retirement in my 20's.

    yes, even when you're healthy at 65, working till 65 seems unfair.:p

  13. 1) Well, I think 65 is probably best to retire.

    2) No no no...65 should not change at all, because people should still have a chance to enjoy their life, not when they're unable!

  14. Good questions!

    I think if you have enough money sitting around, there should be no limit in age. And 65 seems like a good time to retire!

  15. Thanks for hosting!

    I do not think there should be a mandatory retirement age. Some people are ready to retire before that age - others want or need to work well beyond that. I think it is and should be an individual decision - and one based on individual stamina, ability, and competence - not an arbitrary number.

    I don't know when the mandatory retirement age became law - or what the circumstances were that surrounded it - but I'm sure that things have changed in terms of longevity, the financial climate, etc since then anyway!

    Have a fabulous week!


  16. Hmm interesting questions.

    I think for me the appropriate retirement age is 60-65. Give the oldies some time to enjoy a spring in the step before we /they need canes.

    2. No I think it's a good age. If you have to work or want to work beyond that, then it will be what it must.

    Enjoy your weekend and I'm off to visit the others :)

  17. I think the appropriate age is just right -65.
    No, I believe if it goes higher people wont physically be able to attain their retirement.

  18. I think retirement age should be between 60-65. I wish they'd make up their minds already and stick with one number.

    No, I don't think it should change - even though people are living longer and are active/healthy, why make them work through their golden years unless they want to? Let them enjoy their golden years! :)

    Aloha: April Fools!

  19. These questions remind me of dad..

    I wish he had a chance to enjoy life a bit more if the retirement age didn't get changed at that time..

  20. I guess with some jobs a mandatory retirement age may be something that needs to be enforced but on the whole I think people should just retire when they want to.

  21. 1. Can I retire now? lol There are lots of things I wanted to do and I feel that work is a hurdle. hahaha. Kidding aside, 65 I guess is ok. But then, there is no fun thing to do when you are retired at that age especially when every part of your body hurts.
    2. I was thinking we should consider the years of working as basis for retirement not age. Say, if you have been working for 25 years already in that company you can retire already and get compensated. It will be fun to do a lot of things with the compensation money especially if you started working there at the age of 20. wink.

  22. I think 65 is a good age. I have met very few people who actually wanted to stop working so I think you should be allowed to carry on working if you want to.


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