Potassium and Toprol for Hypertension Control

High blood pressure is very common among Americans. The natural counteracting dietary mineral for hypertension is potassium. Potassium helps to get rid of the sodium in your body. Increasing the amount of potassium intake will help increase the release of sodium, and thereby lowering high blood pressure.

How much potassium does it take? It is unrealistic to hope someone can consume enough potassium to lower the blood pressure level with numbers like 150/ 86 . At this stage, it isn’t likely that one can control hypertension with just diets. When talking about treatments for blood pressure readings as high as this, we need to consider high blood pressure medication, such as beta blockers.

The medication is usually prescribed for once, or twice a day. It can get expensive to buy toprol, a medication used in controlling high blood pressure, on a long term basis. Many people try to save money and buy generic toprol. Generic is basically the same drug with the same active ingredients, but there is a slight difference. The drugs having been manufactured by different manufacturers have gone through different techniques, giving the drug a high possibility of variant or reduction in effectiveness.

A great way to buy cheap topro is of course online. If there is something I can buy online, I would. Almost anything that you have already used, from beauty products to jewelry to household products, are great items to look for and purchase online. A girlfriend told me she bought toilet tissue, Kleenex and household cleaners online and just have it delivered so that she doesn’t have to worry about running out. I thought it was very clever, and since our sales tax is 9.25%, we have to take advantage of the no sales tax online for as long as we can.

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  1. Amanda, we are fortunate in Michigan that many prescriptions can be purchased for $4. a month, which is what both my blood pressure medications cost. I have researched about many natural remedies but still require the prescriptions.

    I am glad that your friend has found a way to save money on her purchases.

  2. @♥~Judy~♥Wow! I heard about it through a sister that lives in MI too. You guys are so lucky.

  3. Thanks for this, Amanda. Thankfully, my blood pressure is usually on the low side. It's not good either because I have to put up with dizziness and bad circulation, but I don't think it's as bad as high blood pressure.

  4. Thanks for the information on blood pressure. I take 100 MG of Losartan Potassium daily. I try to eat good, but some days I fall off the wagon. I do not get enough exercise in the winter, but do fine in the summer. I take my pressure but it fluctuates so it is hard to get on a set pattern level. At least, I guess I am holding my own as I have not had to go the emergency room again. I have to go to see my physician every three months.

  5. Blood pressure seems to run in the family..My oldest, 25, has it, and we have to be careful..Thanks for the info!

  6. Forwarding this great information to a couple of people I know who have high blood pressure!

  7. oh thanks, this is very informative. hubby now is under prescription on high blood pressure. i need to play nurse and pharmacist at the same time. lol


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