Thursday Two Questions #24

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #24:
1)What is the first thing you do in the morning before everything?
The first thing I look forward to doing is having my coffee on one of my new bar stools, though it isn't the very first thing I do. See comments.
2)What is the last thing you do at night before you doze off?

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I manage an informal creative studio houndsinheaven inspired by my dogs I call hounds (they are actually mongrels or mixed breed family of intact dogs) and our house named Heaven. I set up houndsinheaven to continue the work I did for a self-support, non-profit art and community center which I managed for more than 10 years and which I closed in 2004. I do raw and handmade creatives using available materials (paintings, cards, calendars, blogs, headers, photographs, prints, mini books, monologues for short plays, films and performances).

I do project feasibility reports, handle events and programs, design and facilitate art workshops for all ages, support advocacy work for cultural heritage promotion and preservation, environment and animal welfare, care and protection. I work on site and by appointment. Most of what I do are transmitted online (reports, articles, designs, etc.) so I can enjoy my private time. I live simply but comfortably which is why I am not competitive and commercialized (my works are rarely sold in public venues) and I can afford to donate my services from time to time. I love to ask questions and I enjoy answering them. ;-)

My studio: houndsinheaven.blogspot.com
My musings: luiisinheaven.blogspot.com

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  1. 1) I have my cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

    2) The last thing I do at night is brushing my teeth!

  2. If you are asking the question literally I have to answer that the first, very first thing I do when I get up is visit the little girl's room. :-) The second, five days a week, is to get ready for work.

    The final thing at the end of the day is to have a conversation with Jesus. It's not formal enough to call it prayer. :-)

  3. Hi Amanda! Thank you for guesting me at TTQ today. I hope you have more Qs for me to answer. ;-)

  4. Ooops! I forgot to answer your Qs:

    The first and the last thing I do before getting up in the morning and before closing my eyes at night is to pray. I am not religious but I pray because it is cool and it really does wonder to my soul and body ;-)

  5. Hi! I'm having problems with the linky, it's all grayed out and I can't type my entry. :(

    Anyway, here's my post for today

    To answer your questions:

    1. Morning, the first thing I do is to look my hubby in the eye, smile, great him good morning and give him a kiss.

    2. At night, I make sure that the doors are locked, the lights are off and the appliances are unplugged.

  6. 1. Coffee, I must have coffee!

    2. Turn off the computer! :)

    Speaking of which is it very late, I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow.

  7. 1. I drink a cup of tea my husband has brought me. I *really* struggle to get going on the days he is away on business.

    2. I read until I'm tired then turn on my side and snuggle up.

  8. 1) I get up and use the restroom, comb my hair and brush my teeth

    2) I take my meds

  9. 1. well aside from going to the bathroom, etc. typically have some coffee / check my email.

    2. read whatever book I'm currently devouring.

  10. The first thing I do in the morning as I wake up is to pray and then get up and wake up my kids and then we all get brushed teeth and etc.

    2. At night, sleep takes me. :) I'm usually reading emails, blogging, watching tv and then I wake up the next morning :)
    Sleep takes me.

    That is so interesting about Lui.
    I'll be visiting her soon

    Have a great weekend!

  11. 1) The first thing I do in the morning is saying a little prayer.

    2) And the last thing before I sleep is saying a little prayer..

  12. The first thing I do in the morning is pee, LOL. The last thing I do at night is pray.

  13. 1. Wash my face.
    2. Kiss my husband goodnight

  14. The first thing I do in the morning in roll over and turn off my alarm!
    The last thing I do before I close my eyes at night is hug my Trinity.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your answers, some of them sure made me laugh.


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