Thursday Two Questions #23

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This week I have questions about blogging. There are many great questions to ask bloggers, such as have you ever visited www.anti-wrinklecreams.org, or what do you like least about blogging? But, one way conversations can be deadly and lead to no good. Even with that said, I do like to stir some emotions now and then just so I can understand my readers more deeply. Thus, the subject of this post is Make Me Feel, with good intentions.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #23:
1) Do you let go on your posts, be yourself, let your personality show, or do you refrain to writing just what is necessary to get the point across?
2) Do you think it is better to have readers that are bloggers or non-bloggers? Why?

My answers: 1) I usually let it all out, even if it is goofy, and ridiculous. Yet, I don't want to be offensive to anyone, because I don't have a motive to. I do like to provoke real feelings and opinions because I think it is a "bonus" to "feel" when reading or looking at a post!

2) It is nice to have readers that are bloggers, simply because bloggers are more inclined to comment. I appreciate having non blogger readers too, but I wish they would comment more.
My answers in sum are the fact that I love your feedback and honest opinions, especially when it "makes me feel." :-)

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My name is Colette and I'm a SAHM of two. I love reading, dancing, blogging over at JamericanSpice, among other things.
It's a laid back blog where I talk about my multi-cultural family life experiences and you will find some reviews and giveaways sprinkled in the mix. I love meeting other bloggers and I hope you'll stop by soon :)

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  1. 1) Some time I do let go, and be who I am, but in the back of my mind I also thought I better watch it..

    2) I like bloggers more than non-bloggers. Not that I don't appreciate them; it is just they often like to put down or tease bloggers, in my circle that is!

  2. Hi Amanda!
    I posted early because I have a busy week (got a lot of work to do ;-) and getting to it...I'll work on our project soon. Promise ;-)

    My luiisinheaven blog is about myself so normally what you read is the real Lui. In other blogs, I try to assume a different approach to serve the intent of the blog.

    Some of my readers are non-bloggers and they have compiled my posts! Something which I've been wanting to do and could not.

  3. Amanda, wonderful questions!

    I like to let myself go some, but am a bit restrained when it comes to negative emotions. Life and the media throws enough bad news our way so I don't want to rain on anyone's parade.

    I love, love readers and the more they express themselves the better to know what direction the reader would like our material to go in. The one thing I do not like about non blogging readers is that I do not know where to visit the commenter at. I want to return the favor. I am honored by guests. How do we return the honor when they remain anonymous. I get spammed a lot too. It is so exciting to see a number of comments in your inbox, but madly deflating when you open them to find out they are invitations to porn sites. Pullleeze!

  4. more often than not, i write what i feel/think but always trying my best to be politically correct. since English is not my first language, and there cultural differences, too, i sometimes struggle to express my opinion in a non-offensive manner.:p

    bloggers tend to leave comments and it's always great to get some feedback. my friends, mostly non-bloggers, would give me their comments in person. they're too shy to write their comments.:p

  5. That's a hard question to answer since my blogs are geared more towards photography. Actually I show a lot of personality in my posts but not in the usual way.

    I think both are good but most of my readers are fellow bloggers.

  6. I'm a little of both reserved and relaxed with my blogging. My conservative said nags at me, so I'm always careful what I say. I wouldn't want to cause embarassement for anyone. At the same time, as I blog I try to make it a relaxing style for my audience to feel like they are just spending some time with a friend.

    Bloggers or readers, I enjoy both. I, like you, prefer anyone who does read my post to comment if they can. Sometimes they may not feel compelled to say anything, and I can relate to that because I don't always feel a connection with a blogger's post. However, I try my best to look for opportunities to leave a few words.

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  7. Well that is the real meaning of blogging...to stay real to yourself:)

  8. I write what comes through my mind, I don't pay attention. I don't have any commentors without a blog, they would be anonymous and often spams.

  9. 1. I sometimes just let it and sometimes I am reserve or it's just not that time for me to share. It's my blog. I can write what I want on it.

    2. I don't mind. Anyone who wants to read and share and learn along with me is good.

  10. Thank you for featuring me. I didn't get my post up . I'm sorry. I've been terribly sick these past few days.
    My whole body still aches but I'm feeling a tad better and today I was hungry so that's good ja.

    Keep me in thoughts please.


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