Easy Ways To Create CD & DVD

One of the tasks on my to do list was to organize the photos and videos into some chronological order. So the latest action item is to create a library of my blog photos. Currently, these photos are being stored on on some USB sticks, but it could get costly if I were to establish a library of the photos by subjects. CDs are cheaper to buy in bulk and easy to store and organize. Moreover, photos can take up a lot of space, and CDs are the obvious economical choice.

I'd even considered buying the velobind to create table of contents so I don't have to look through every rack to find what I need. This is the easiest way to put together a binder, and any size you choose. Currently, I am using a CD/ DVD label-er software to label the CDs/ DVDs, but I would love to own one of those Primera CD printers. They are more convenient because they print directly onto the CD / DVD disks. No more wasting blank self-adhesive labels, because the labels don’t line up with the templates. No more mess of peeling and ripping off the edges. Anything to simplify life can be wonderful.

And did I mentioned? I am also the DVD collector in our house. I use the DVD duplicators to record Trinity’s favorite movies. I have also started compiling some of her home movies on CDs, and it is so much easier to find. The USB sticks are smaller and convenient for on the go, but, they are a big hassle when you are trying to find a particular event. Mainly, because they cannot be labeled like the way CDs can be.

I am glad that I took the time to record all Trinity’s favorite movies, because she made good use of them. She watched those DVDs so much that they are worn out. My sister wanted to organize and create DVDs for her son's photos and videos too after she saw how easy it was with the DVD duplication guide. Once you get the hang of it, you will love it too.

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  1. i am planning to organize my photos in cd albums too, but right now, it seems i have so many plans to do but just too little time :( thanks for this very valuable information how to save time in makind cds and dvds

  2. My husband is forever saying he's going to do this, and never does. I love music, but I listen to the radio a lot. This way - I figure - I get to hear random music I've forgotten or don't own. I like the element of surprise.

  3. I need to do this too..but where can I get more time?


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