DVD Video Ripper & Converter

Over the years, we accumulated many videos, some are on VHS, cameras, disk drives, SD cards, and cell phones. One of my goals was to create chronological videos from all of these different storage devices that I owned.

Given the lack of time and equipment requirement, I sent away some VHS videos to an online company to be converted into DVDs. Since it was their business, I trusted that they would have the best equipment, and that should mean better video quality. After a few weeks of excitement and anticipation, I received the DVDs and was absolutely disappointed. The quality of the video was worse than the original and there hasn't been anything special done to the video except for the fact that it was transferred from VHS to DVD. I soon learned that the company didn’t use the Video Converter mac, and I could have done the same job or better if I had the software.

After this trial and error. I looked into converting my own videos, DVDs, and pictures. Because the bottom line is... no one cares as much as I do about my videos.

The DVD Ripper software is good for recording movies and converting them into DVD disks to view at home. The DVD Ripper Mac converts videos to high definition quality and at fast speeds. Usually within 25 minutes, I would have a movie burned.

Being able to edit, crop and add music to the video is so much fun. You can turn an ordinary clip into a meaningful video with special effects and transitions. Just follow the directions and the software will do the rest. Download the movie files or videos, then click on edit, or the DVD Ripper converter, and you are there. It always seems difficult at first, but once you get it the first time it is a matter of repeating the procedures.

Kids can watch movies over and over again so many times, so we have many reasons to own a DVD ripper software, for one, we cannot afford nor do we want to own the original copy of every movie. Secondly, the DVDs get scratched and ruined so fast with kids and teenagers. Having a library of movie selections is great for traveling, and sleep overs.
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  1. We were facing the same dilemma last year when I realized how many home movies including our wedding we have on VHS and how many Disney we spent tons of many on are on VHS as well.

    I thought I would have to pay someone, but of course my genius techno teen suggested DVD Ripper...dah, mom moment,lol.

  2. @Ms BibiWith the technologies now available, you don't need to hire anyone if you have the time to convert them yourself. I believe it is better, since you know exactly how you want it done.

  3. I haven't thought much about it but we have lots of old VHS tapes that need to be converted into DVD's. Thanks for the info.


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