Lady Gaga Videos & Bad Romance | Thursday Two Questions #20

I believe Lady Gaga currently has the most entertaining music videos. I have been watching many and none has come close to being as creative, imaginative and shockingly provocative as her videos. It is no wonder she rose as fast as she did. The ingenious shock factor made people noticed her and realized how talented she is as a musician and a performer.

Her Bad Romance / Love Games video is inventive and the lyrics have many people pondering if she could be in lust with a female. (Many people talked about her period.) I think Love could be a monster itself, especially when you are caught in a “Bad Romance.” It wants to be fed. The more it gets hungry, the more it wants.

My girlfriend is a good example. She had an interesting way of working through feeding the love monster after her marriage broke-up. She decided she wasn’t skinny enough, and used every waking hour to find ways to become the person she thought her x-husband wanted her to be. She was obsessed in knowing how much calories burned when she walked, shopped, at the park and so on. She was stuck in this one way bad romance for a long time.

Today I watched Lady Gaga’s Alejandra video. It’s another one of those provocative videos that I don’t understand very well. It’s because I am very old fashion when it comes to relationships and I am not sure what is really going on there. I just know the composing and the costumes are so innovative and artistic that it was fun to watch. I also enjoy her spunky music tunes, the catchy beats such as Poker Face, which I used in my son’s Fifth Season Fashion Show video, made me feel alive.

Lady Gaga, these two words alone creates about 24,900,000 million searches a month. I thought she has made her point about being different, but when she showed up in her meat dress, that was a shock people won’t soon forget.

Here are my Thursday Two Questions #20:
1) Do you believe there is a rebound period after a bad romance, break-up?
2) Do you believe that the mind can control the heart?

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  1. No. I believe that if a relationship fails, there's a reason for it. I don't believe people should run back to lap up something they've vomited up.

    I think the answer to that could be yes if we allow it to. We have to be strong though, for that to work.

    I went off Lady Gaga BTW, when she turned up with that meat dress. How could someone want attention so badly? It's like a child crying out, 'Look at me Mama!' Except in this case, Mama is the entire world. How sad...

  2. I think there is a rebound period when a relationship fails. There are enough "rebound relationships" that tend to also fail to support this point I guess. I think it's to do with the need to still be desired, or to show that you are independent enough to go out and get back on your feet and get someone else.

    I don't think the mind can "control" the heart. A person could spend years loving someone who's actions are not reciprocated and for all those years it will still hurt and will not be something that you can turn off. I believe with being mindful of your emotions you can practice distress tolerance to aid you in dealing with such a situation.

    Great questions! I don't like Lady Gaga either, the meat dress did me in too. I think she just goes too far. Her videos are brilliant but I am not convinced of how well she can actually sing. She is no Celine or Mariah but then niether was Madonna and look how far she got. Whatever blows your hair back hey!

  3. Lady Gaga's outrageous and provocative personality are what putting her on the chart. Besides that, I think her music has a lot of help from technology!

    As for romance, there should be a cooling period for healing after a break up, and yes, the mind can control the heart if you let it!

  4. Enjoyed your visit and comment. This lady is not one of my favorites. She does make for an interesting post.

  5. Amanda, I believe someone needs their space after a serious break up. When you rush into another relationship while you are still reeling from the impact of the break up you (not "you", of course) are looking for someone who can succeed where the other failed. They may fail at everything else, but the previous person's failures are so overwhelming at this moment. We need space to clear our heads and hearts and nurture ourselves.

    I do believe that people can control their hearts. I am not one of them. I love wholeheartedly.

  6. 1. I do think there is a rebound period which has alot to do with getting back at the other person.

    2. I don't believe the mind can control the heart. I believe that there is always a choice that we make.

  7. I do believe there is a rebound period when the person is very vunerable. But then I also feel most relationship started during that period have a greater risk of failure.

    Nope, I don't think the mind has any control over the heart. Even when we know it doesn't make sense the heart will will out.

  8. Lady Gaga's popularity largely depended on controversy and marketing. She obviously loves to shock people. Her music maybe catchy to the younger audience but not radically new, and not my cup of tea.:p

    1) i believe there's a period of healing after a bad romance. deal with the hurts, forgive, gain wisdom from the failed relationship before starting a new one.

    2) the mind can control the heart, definitely. but both should complement each other--the heart experiences, the mind reasons.

  9. I'm not a big fan of Lady Gaga - too strange for me.

    Unfortunately, here is a rebound period after a bad relationship ends were misfortunate decisions are made because of the painful or abrupt break up. If someone is strong, then they can use their mind to control the actions of their heart. That is what helps some to heal faster than others. Clinging to a soured relationship isn't healthy. I've seen so many young girls do this and try to climb back into the same situation. That blows my mind!

    Hook up with me today on my Thursday Two Questions!

  10. Meat dress...oh my word! My skin is crawling.

    I do think that it takes time to rebound after a bad break-up. Time to heal.

  11. Hmmm, two abstract Qs this week.

    Yes, I believe there is a rebound period. Can the mind control the heart? I think they must work together to be effective.

    Lady Gaga is like most artists in the mainstream. They need to have something going to get publicity and be commercially successful. I heard her sing live at Ellen Degeneres show so I know she sings well. A good song is a well written poetry with music.

    But LadyG's music is now grating as when I first heard her two years ago. That's how commercialism kills.

  12. no, i do not think that the mind can control the heart...
    the heart has a mind of its own...
    as for the bad breakup.. i hold grudges, so i would not be a good one to guess that

  13. 1. It depends on the person if they can recognize the signs that they are having a rebound and it's not meaningful.
    So yes there's a period where you just want to fill and do not take the time to think about what it is you are filling. So you can either stop and let yourself heal or keep bouncing off walls and getting hurt.

    2. Yes the mind can control the heart. Our minds are amazing in how it can transform a person , a people , a generation. If both mind and heart are working together, then it's bliss.
    If not, then it's like good fighting evil or evil hand in hand or good hand in hand.

    Ok I'm rambling.

    Aloha :)


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