The MVP of The Family

Guest post from: Kent Lara

Anytime I am watching television I always make sure my son is watching with me. I point out the different tactics and skills that the other basketball players are using. My son loves playing basketball, and he is actually the MVP on his high school basketball team.

We have a routine that we would watch a quarter of a basketball game before we head out to his practice. Usually, I have to peel him away from the tv once he gets all into the game, and tell him to hurry and get ready for practice. Our routine consists of watching a game, for one quarter and then I would make him a snack and pack it up. While I am doing this, he is in his room getting ready for practice.
After the car is loaded up and I am ready, I set the home security sensors and we both get in the car and head to practice. I just love watching my son when he's playing on his team. He gets so involved and he is a team player.


  1. That is a very cute story Kent, thanks for sharing it with us on Self


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