Dreams of Myrtle Beach

In a dream a couple of nights ago, I saw myself blogging on the beach. I had my laptop, under a colorful umbrella, with access to the world via internet. Relaxing with Trinity sounds and the sounds of the gentle moving waves. It was great to imagined that I will be taking time off from the daily routine at home. Being else where, sand, water, no cooking, and forget about chores...forever.

You see, I have been wishing a vacation on the beach ever since I hear about the resorts in Myrtle Beach. I kept thinking that there will be a time when I will grab my bags without fear of leaving anyone at home, to indulge on an extravagant trip. Actually, my wish would be that I will haul all of them with me to the Myrtle Beach hotel, after all, I wouldn’t have anyone to gripe about if I was by myself.

I am working hard to find the right package at http://avistaresort.com/ that would include a couple of rounds of golf for my SO and I. We like to have the boys go on the adventure tours and perhaps miss Trinity to the kiddie land for a couple of hours a day. Let's hope I will make it there before the year is over.

image courtesy of photostock from freedigitalphotos


  1. this post makes me smile, for this i would do sometimes, just sit there in front of the beach ( i hide under the tree for shade) with sometimes, all papers to grade :)

  2. Well, sounds so nice! The beaches around here are so cold, I need 90 degree weather. Myrtle Beach.

  3. Blogging on the beach sounds way fun! What a great dream!


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