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These photos are from the trip we took to Salinas River State Beach. It is located in Monterey County of California. Although it was not particularly beach weather at the time we still had a lot of fun lounging on the sand and listening to the waves.

The beach were full of beautiful horses and riders. It was great watching all the activities, there were people fishing and bird watching. It was like being on vacation without the trouble of planning.

There were actually four people in the picture above. Though you couldn't see the fourth because she -Trinity was brewing in my tummy. Being that I was six weeks away from delivering, walking up this hill in sand was not easy peas. But somehow, I managed to get to the top of that hill and down to the beach area without having to stop and gasp for air.

Thanks for your visit.
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  1. It's always beach weather. I find the moods of the ocean appealing in any season though sometimes I need to be warmly dressed.

  2. Your daughter's name is Trinity? Oh how beautiful a name! :) Truly! Honestly! I mean it! Let me guess... Trinity Grace??? Trinity Marie??? Hmmmm....

    Oh...look at all the ponies on the seashore....isn't that just beautiful....??? I want to do that! Ride a pony on the seashore!!! :)


  3. Great trip! Nice shots of the place and yes walking in sand can be tiring.

  4. Looks like it was a great day for the beach. I love the family photo!

  5. I've always felt that beaches are wonderful to visit any time of the year. This looks like a wonderful place to visit.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  6. Monterey is always so beautiful whether the weather cooperates or not. It looks like you had great fun.

  7. Nice photos of beautiful memories.

  8. Beaches are the best places to play. Your photos are wonderful.

  9. Oh, look at those horses! What a beautiful day to spend at the beach!


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