Oh Yes - I am Looking at You too!

It has been raining, or should I say storming where I live. Going outside is bit of a pain, I do because there are must do(s), but if I had a choice, I'd like to just curl up in my room. We've had wind and lightning like crazy, and at times I had this vision of me sitting here without a roof over my head. I hope this doesn't happen.

On the bright side, the garden is getting plenty of water and should be happy for quite a while. My world is watery right now - just like the fish in these photographs. I believe we are expecting rain for this entire week.
I was spying on these fish and trying to get into a good position. When all of a sudden, I realized they were all in front of me and staring back! I then had a twight-light moment, and almost can hear them yelling to me. “Yes, I am looking at you too, ” “Get me out of this joint, ” “Go away?” It could be any of those, or something else. Does anybody know what these fish might be thinking? I am not sure how fish think, but from watching Nemo, they must just want to be freed. I did bring five of them home that day and they are quite amusing little watery friends.

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  1. Its a beautiful aquarium. The weather here is just crazy. It was dark and gloomy this morning then at lunch time, the skies cleared up and the sun came out.

    We need all the rain we can get!

    P.S. You posted your link from last week.

  2. What a pretty aquarium. I'm envious.

    It's storming where I am too.

  3. Cute fish. I like their expressions :)

  4. Lovely colorful fish! I bet they are so happy in their watery home.

    I wish you some sunshine days soon.

    Happy WW!

  5. Beautiful and colorful fishes..Hope the weather will lift for you.

  6. That last shot is fabulous - they really are looking at the camera!

  7. Cute and colorful shots! It is fun to try to imagine what fish are thinking.

  8. Wonderful! I have never had the feeling that the fish were watching me, but these sure look like it! I love the clean clear colours!!

  9. Amanda,

    Go by Bird Crafts, because I have posted something that might interest you...

    Let me know what you think? :)

  10. Thanks Ebie, I will go check on my link. Bird Craft, thanks for posting the pot painting design and tips. Those gave me a lot of inspiration.
    Thank you everyone for finding my new post and leaving your comments.

  11. oh, you have amazing aquarium, the pictures are beautiful.

  12. Lovely photos and your new fishes are beautiful too. I like the details of the stones in the last one.


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