New Lockers and More

Volunteering for school is rewarding and yet it could become mundane by the tenth month. Thus, I like working on projects within a team to make some reasonable impact for the students. My hopes came true when the assistant principle announced that we received funding for new lockers at our junior high school. The project started out ambiguous, but soon moved quickly once we found the website with lockers for sale.

We thought about changing the old gym lockers to wood lockers, to match with the one school locker that is currently set-up for public use, but our budget was limited. The wood locker looked so nice and sophisticated, but wouldn’t be appropriate for our teenagers.

We had to consider the locker sizes, locker tiers, and the number of students we have. The more tiers the more space we can save. With the prices that we save by purchasing lockers with more tiers, we can buy some accessories to match. That said we ordered new benches and coat racks for each gym locker as well. Thanks to the great customer service at, we were able to have everything shipped to us at once. The students are excited that they will be getting new, and more updated school lockers and couldn’t wait to be rid of the old beat up lockers they currently have now.