Unbiased Shopping

There are many reasons shopping online is much more efficient, one of those reasons is being able to compare prices in one place. Online shopping can take its toll if you haven’t narrowed your search, especially if you’re using search engines for radar detectors. What you will essentially receive from the searches, on the front pages, are mostly paid ad placements, or related ad word promotions.

I usually use the online ShopWiki to browse for merchandise, for example, I can compare prices for cool GPS from all the merchants online. ShopWiki doesn’t isolate merchants that don’t advertise with them like search engines. I like knowing that my search is more true to what I would find if the results weren’t bias.

I am currently in search for car speakers and a car receiver for my van. And, I can tell you that I am just overwhelmed by the selections. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t really zoom in on what I want yet. This usually happens at the beginning of any search. With all the available brands and options it can be very confusing. I know in time I will sort if out, it just takes some research at ShopWiki.


  1. I prefer shopping online, or at least researching before I buy. There are so many options for comparing prices and I always read reviews.

  2. Compare prices is one of the features I love best..


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