Thursday Two Questions #78 - Are You a Gadget Sucker?

Many people I know still resist technology, but as you can see, I am not one of those people. I like to embrace things that could potentially enhance my life.
The items to the left are what I carried with me  and am connected to everyday. Believe it or not, they all help me learn and be prepared in some ways. If you're not with me on this, you won't ever be, but for example, I would rather read an email on my phone instantly then have to turn on my PC and wait for it to connect.

When your time really belongs to your family or work, every minute is golden.

 I don't know if I can be as happy without these things anymore. Unless it is the weekend, I travel with two cell phones, (one for work and the other is a personal number I can't lose) a laptop, and an iPad. Crazy huh? Well, they are all part of the job, these gadgets are the means to my work.

The one thing that my SO and I was never sucked into was the iPod. It was an amazing little gadget that came about, because all of your favorite music can be in your pocket. I am glad I don't own one, because with my phone I can listen to music from Youtube anytime. Although, it puzzles me that there seemed to be a pattern that I see. The least techie people own this device, why? - This isn't my official question :-) The one thing that I regret buying back then were a couple of the carry along radios because I never carried it anywhere! When it comes to listening to music, I love my bookshelf stereo because the bookshelf speakers rock!

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #78
1) Are there gadgets that you have been able to resist, but would want to try?
2) Are there gadgets that you have been sucked into buying and have regretted?

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  1. 1) I resist the iPad, iPod, and Kindle..I just don't see the need for them.

    2) The Kindle was a gift from my son for my birthday, but I don't use it often. I have a cellphone with internet ready, but rarely use them.

    I don't resist technologies, I like gadgets and my fave is my laptop! I can do everything on it, from music, to picture, to blogging and writing...

    1. I have to say the ipad is really great in that it has so much battery life. If all I am doing is surfing the internet, the ipad beats carrying around a laptop.

      Glad you're good about embracing technology.

  2. I want a kindle or an Ipad as I understand you can download books on them and I have way too many books crowding my home, but do not want to part with any. :-)

    My son just talked me into buying his old cell when he upgraded and it has so many more features that I am sure I will be very happy with it. I have been talked into buying other things for the children sometimes which I quickly regretted, such as a cd burner once. Now the computer comes equipped with one. Impatience cost me, not him. lol

    1. It is true! Those cd burners and dvd copiers are such a waste of time and money. They were short lived, because the manufactures of the CDs or DVDs started making them not transferrable.

      I would recommend you get an iPad over the Kindle.

  3. I resisted the Iphone.. don't need it as my HTC works fine.
    2)Don't have any equipment whih I regret buying as it's mostly hb who buys them. I think that he regrets buying the android tablet.. as it runs out of battery easily and was recently smashed by the 5yr old when he accidently dropped it. Luckily we have an Ipad2 too.

    1. I like the HTC - however it took a bath with my daughter and now I have the iphone. They are great...I love that I can do almost anything on the iphone that I do on my laptop, much more user friendly with other applications and software.

  4. There isn't anything I can name I am resisting to buy. The hold back for me is the cost or perhaps waiting for a newer version to be introduced in most cases.

    I don't think I have a single regret on purchasing any of the gadgets we own. I love technology and think it's the coolest! I'm so appreciative of the time in which we live.

  5. My favorite gadget is my paper cutter. Of course we have cell phones and lap tops. I have an iPod II that one of my grandkids gave me when they got their new one. So far I haven't used it but do plan to for the Internet when I'm traveling and don't want to get the lap top out. No iPad but I would like one. Most of my kids and grandkids have them, even the two-year-old. My son gave me a beard trimmer and we have TV's in every room of the house except the bathrooms. But I am not a gadget collector.

    I spend too much time shopping to really get sucked into much. I do have an old car that I sort of regret buying because it needs more work than I can do on it. It will end up being a money pit to get it right.

  6. ah, the iPod, had one before, but gave it away :) like you, I realized I can play all songs in Pandora using my cell phone.

    the iPad, is a very powerful tool for me in the classroom, like you, I have both my laptop and iPad, they are my reliable partners in instruction. if on the go, i love iPad and iPhone more, but at home, i rarely use them, I use my laptop more.

    i love technology too, and i have to love it so that at least i won't look very old to my students, hahaha!!!!

  7. Although there are gadgets I would love to try, budgetary constraints have greatly limited my ability to keep up with the latest and greatest - now it's only what's essential. If I had the funds, though, I think a tablet would be cool!

  8. I'm not a gadget freak. I've resisted most of them. I don't have an ipad/ipod. I don't have a smart phone yet.

    I'm very miserly when it comes to myself. I also think that too many gadgets rob kids of the imagination we had when we were little. They're always being entertained by these things and have lost the gift of imagination and creation. In 50 years where will all the real art and creativity be with the onset of our gadget world.

    The kids have phones, but I'm never buying x-boxes for them. They'll have to wait until they can buy them themselves.
    And now I sound prudish! :-)

  9. The gadgets take over :)

    So far I haven't been sucked into the Ipad, smartphone etc, but while I would want the Ipad for my kids, I don't think I'd want to use it myself.
    And I've been wanting to see that the smartphone is all about. If only they gave out trials.

    2. I haven't regretted buying any gadget as yet because I usually take a very long time to decided and weigh the pros and cons.

    Maybe dh has :)

    Enjoy your weekend!
    I'm off to visit the others.

  10. I was going to say I resisted getting an iPhone and an iPod Touch. That was the case until yesterday when my husband handed me a little back holding an iPod Touch. I’m always afraid that something better will come out if I just wait a little longer, because of this I try not to buy something until I really need it. Luckily I have a hubby who majorly lusts after all things techy and gadgety. He provides me with most of my current electronics (which I gotta say, I love each and every one he gets me)!

    I’ll let ya know, the reason I was so wanting the iPod Touch was because I was afraid with my Netfilx addiction, I would go over my data usage if I had an iPhone. Since most of the places I chill at have WiFi, an iPod Touch could provide me with all the apps I want without the constant worry that about to go over (yes I know if I had an iPhone I could also use the WiFi and not worry about going over...but I'd have to worry that I switched over and knowing me I'd be so excited to watch something that I'd forget that I did't switch over - even with the little alerts. Plus, that data plan by itself is expensive...sigh, I guess I'm just cheep. :/

    I don’t really have any regrets when it comes to tech stuff, since my hubby buys it first, I can usually just try his out and decide if I want one of my own.


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