Thursday Two Questions #28

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #28:

1) What is the one thing you would love to do with your Birthday cake?
I would love to have a food fight with it. The thought of having fun with my Birthday cake already has me smiling.

2) Do you look forward to celebrating your Birthday?
Yes. I love receiving surprise gifts from SO and like that he actually shops for me.

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  1. Thanks for hosting this, I really like it, if you are honest, you can really find out some things about yourself.

  2. Like you, I would love to smash cake and frosting on my friend's faces.

    Yes, I like to celebrate with a nice dinner, a good friend and some wine.

  3. 1) I can celebrate my birthday without cake, since I don't like cake, odd, I know!

    2) At my age, I don't look forward to my birthday anymore.

  4. 1. This must sound pretty boring, but I prefer to EAT my birthday cake. I like an end piece with lots of frosting, and I like it to the cake to be white with a strawberry custard filling.
    2. I've never liked parties celebrating myself. I prefer a nice quiet evening with my family and friends--with cake, of course.

  5. I was surprised to read that Icy doesn't care that much for cake because neither do I. They sometimes make me one, but I don't care for all that sugar. I would like to put candied violets on one though, for someone else.
    I look forward to celebrating my birthday because it is one of the rare times we gather together as a family. My family has gotten pretty large and it is hard to fit an event into everyone's schedule. I feel privileged and honored that my children and grands make an effort to clear their calendar for me.

  6. A food fight sounds fun, but I had always thought it was be so funny to smash my face into a cake. Thinking this and doing it are entirely two different things. So, I dare say I'll always keep to the conservative side of things and simply just eat my cake.

    I like having quiet birthday parties with just my husband and children. I'm not a party person at all. I like being around people, but not in a party setting.

    Come visit me!

  7. 1) i don't usually have a birthday cake except in the office where some co-workers who love to bake would bring a cake, or someone would have one delivered. i just want to share my cake with everybody, dieting or not.

    2) oh yes, birthdays are fun especially when you have great friends and family you can celebrate it with.

  8. Thanks so much for hosting and inviting me to join! This is my first week participating and I hope to be a regular here!

    1) I'd really LOVE to be able to have a homemade birthday cake from my mom every year - that is the one things I miss most about my birthday celebrations! But she doesn't live nearby so that isn't feasible!

    2)Birthdays are actually very difficult days for me for various reasons - but I try to find the joy in them!


  9. ...I should try playing with the birthday cake someday :D

  10. I'm not a fan of cake in general, so I love your thought of having a food fight with it! ;)

    We've always made a big deal out of birthday's when we were growing up, so I do look forward to my birthday each year. I'll look forward to it even more when we move back to Seattle where my family is! :)

    Aloha: Swimsuit Shopping

  11. 1) What is the one thing you would love to do with your Birthday cake?
    In our family for your 1st birthday you get two cakes, one to destroy and one for everyone to eat. Sometimes I'd love to go back to that for every 10th birthday! And let everyone join in on the destroying after you turn 20.

    2) Do you look forward to celebrating your Birthday?
    I do, as it is a way to reflect on my year. My birthday is in July so at the end of each year I reflect some as everyone does and I also do it around my birthday :)

  12. I'm not much of a birthday celebration person. I do celebrate in my own little way, but only alone.

  13. 1. I just want to grab a fistful and put it in my face like a baby would do.

    I'd love to see my kids do that too :)

    2. I don't even remember my own birthday sometimes. I was never celebrated so it seems like any other day.

    Off to visit the others.

  14. I would want Duff from Ace of Cakes to make me one! and I don't know that I look forward to my birthday's much anymore...

  15. 1) If it's ice cream birthday cake, I would eat it..If not, I want to play with it too.

    2) Looking forward to anyone's birthday since it's fun to get together..

  16. Sorry I missed the fun this week, my internet connection has been off more than on since last weekend. Looks like it's working well for now.

    I ususlly don't have a cake for my birthday, it's not a big celebration. Normally just a nice dinner with my hubby is perfect for me.


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