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Since readers have continued to be curious about Google Page Rank (GPR), I decided to take up an assignment for myself and write GPR Part I...

It's My Cake...

And I can Jab it if I want to. I can remember when Trinity had her first Birthday and was at the age where we couldn't leave the house without a baby jogger city select. Today, we travel light and only resort to the stroller on long trips. At times I use the stroller when we go to the mall to haul all the shopping bags or her accessories. It can be very convenient and I can't imagine living without it.

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  1. At that age, it is what is most fun about having cake!
    Happy birthday!


  2. Jabbing cake is a GOOD thing!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Nice picture! Im sure the cake was enjoyed.

  4. Cute! and looks yummy! hehe

  5. My daughter attacked cakes this way too when she was that age.

  6. I've never outgrown my love for jabbing chocolate cakes...:) cute picture!

  7. What fun, jabbing is perfectly acceptable for birthday cakes. That is too cute.


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